Lil Jon in Trouble With IRS; Set to Star in Celebrity Apprentice

Lil Jon better hope he doesn’t get fired from his next gig.

According to the AJC, the man behind such hits as Usher’s “Yeah” and the Ying Yang Twins’s “Get Low” will be competing on the upcoming season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. While there’s no word on what the prize for winning is, if it’s monetary, Lil Jon better buckle down.

According to The Detroit News, the IRS filed a $638,937 lien against the crunk master on June 24, 2008 with the Charleston County, South Carolina Recorder. The address on the lien is his $1.9 million oceanfront home in Isle of Palms which was foreclosed on in August. Jon is reportedly one of seven members of the cast who against whom the IRS has recently filed a tax lien.

Lil Jon is simply the next in line in a long list of rappers who have recently faced trouble with the IRS. Young Buck, Trick Daddy and many others have all had problems with Uncle Sam in the past few months. —Adam Fleischer

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    broke ass nigga!

    • Capostatus

      I can tell you are a white boy tryna talk black. Get the fuck off the blogs and go hang out up town where the white crackers be at. I can’t stand you white muthafuckas tryna ride off our shit. I hope you get raped by a pack of real niggaz like Mel Gibson’s bitch. Go kill yourself you pig skinned son of a bitch.

      • Gdope

        your jokes capostatus, blogs are ment for opinion, hense why they put up comments. Whats the problem with beein white,black, yellow? this is exactly why your jokes. you dun even kno tha guy but yet you claim hes white n all white ppl(including mee) ride your shit, rap/hip-hop/RnB dont belong to africans or any race music belongs to everyone, and till you start to realy understand that, youl never know what the true meanin of music you peice of shit racis. what you hope probly allready been done wit you n frm experience you hope it happens to others. so why dont you just take yah off topic shit on facebook or twiter you loser

  • New HarlemWorld Order

    I have no sympathy for him – he helped set black people back by about 15 years


    • Peterose22

      Agree 100 percent black people to brainwashed to realize it though

  • jtm

    damn his career is over.

  • haterade

    New Harlem World Order I don’t know what make your ass any better you just sitting around sideline hating on dudes who make more money than your whole family will prob see in a decade, sucks doesn’t it :)

  • face phoenix

    Many people need to learn how to manage their funds better. It’s like winning lotto you may have won 50 million dollars but that is all you won 50 million dollars. There isn’t another check on the way. You really have to live reasonably or modestly. Having 16 cars and hundred thousand dollar jewelry pieces are fast ways to back to the poor house. You can be a baller or an adult. Ballers are concerned with how people view them, adults are concerned with making progressive moves.

  • Q461

    I hope dude gets his funds in order… I never wish bad upon any other brother and karma is a bitch…

    Yall remember when this dude was runnin the scoundscapes of hip-hop? Seemed like everything was eithier Crunk or Scott Storch for a minute….I kinda figured Crunk would fade though…

    Peace to Lil Jon good luck man…

  • Shawty J

    SHM. It’s a shame a lot of brothers don’t understand that rap money is not unlimited. A rap career doesn’t last very long, yet many rappers at like those checks are coming for the rest of their lives. Unless they made some major investments (starting a SUCCESSFUL company) or diversifying their sources of income (breaking into other fields, usually acting) they can count on the fact that one year those seven figures a year are gonna go up in smoke. They live like kings for ten years then eight cars, three houses, and four baby mommas later they’re on the verge of moving back into the hood. It’s sad, really.
    I know what it is though, a lot of them never had anything. But once they get it, they need to get a financial advisory or business manager that can teach them how to keep it.

  • Gdope

    danmmmm lil jon, burn tha roof off some muthafuckin clubs that a get you tha loot you need in noo time.

  • @24kLILCOE

    He not broke! Its property tax lien, not income… House gotta go. 1 of many he owns… gotta tighten the belt more.