Lil Jon better hope he doesn't get fired from his next gig.

According to the AJC, the man behind such hits as Usher's "Yeah" and the Ying Yang Twins's "Get Low" will be competing on the upcoming season of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. While there's no word on what the prize for winning is, if it's monetary, Lil Jon better buckle down.

According to The Detroit News, the IRS filed a $638,937 lien against the crunk master on June 24, 2008 with the Charleston County, South Carolina Recorder. The address on the lien is his $1.9 million oceanfront home in Isle of Palms which was foreclosed on in August. Jon is reportedly one of seven members of the cast who against whom the IRS has recently filed a tax lien.

Lil Jon is simply the next in line in a long list of rappers who have recently faced trouble with the IRS. Young Buck, Trick Daddy and many others have all had problems with Uncle Sam in the past few months. —Adam Fleischer