Jay-Z, Will Smith in Talks to Remake Annie Musical

Jay-Z and Will Smith may be collaborating again.

After teaming to produce last year’s critically acclaimed Broadway musical Fela!, the two rappers turned businessmen may be working together once more, this time on a remake of Annie, according to Variety. Smith’s daughter, Willow, who is signed to Hov’s Roc Nation, is said to be set to play the lead role, if the film does indeed get made. The flick would be remade through Sony.

Jay’s role would reportedly be to collaborate on the music. As fans remember, his 1998 Grammy nominated single “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” sampled the original music from the play Annie.

As previously reported, Jay-Z is also in the process of opening new 40/40 Clubs in five major cities. —Adam Fleischer

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  • http://royalradio.wordpress.com U.G. Royal

    these two know how to make money. i didnt think a remake of karate kid would be successful, it scored #1 movie. i dnt know bout this annie thing but both of them richer than me

  • fn.brl

    this sounds like it’s gonna be hot garbage, I mean come on annie was a white girl with red hair, how the fuck do they think this gonna pan out with racist white america?

  • Q461

    When its all said and done, I don’t think anybody in hip-hop has made more bank than these 2…..

    The Karate Kid remake was wack also ( to me anyway I grew up off the first one) but it made Will a shitload of money. They will put a hip-hop twist on it, and Annie will blow up the box office , just watch. Willows gonna be a star with these 2 cats in her corner.

  • Dead President

    yeah willow be a big time name in the future, thats almost certain.

  • http://WindowsLivePersonal/Hotmail Kim Lee

    It is good to see young black men in business to start a new trend for others who may feel like this type of thing is out of there reach. We should commend them for such moves towards positive actions in the black community,


    LETS see? will smith isnt hip hop fool? hes the walt disney of rap! black folks need to inovate again, stop remaking white people shit! why do black folks wanta always remake white establishment movies? like the honey mooners witch floped, like karate kid? that was an insult to the orginal! we need to start making our own movies for someone eles to follow!
    “LESS BLACK” thats what these two men are all about! less fucken black! and yall dont see it! I hope I live long enough to see black folks back with the original concept of being black!! Ive been listning to alot of a farrakhan lately and he’s right! guys like jay z and will smith are for the white people and are not welcomed by the nation!!!

  • Mr mudd

    This is good to see. Man i’m in school and i’ve seen that college cats can’t get together the way these two entertainers have, especially in business situations. Thats the way you supposed to do it keep money in your circle. All money in No Money out

  • @24kLILCOE

    BIG BUSINESS… Bottom Line!