It seems 50 Cent's Twitter followers are willing to do more than just track what he writes on the micro-blogging site. They're willing to actually act on his words.

After announcing that he invested in the TV Goods, which is owned by H&H Imports, the HNHI stock yesterday soared. 50, who owns 30 million shares of the company, began to tweet about his investment over the weekend, encouraging others to also become involved. According to the New York Post, 50's involvement helped the HNHI stock jump from $0.10 per share at the market's opening yesterday to $0.39 per share when it closed; the spike translated to an $8.7 million earning for Fif.

TV Goods owns the marketing rights to the Queens rapper's Sleek by 50 Cent headphones, which were revealed earlier this week at CES.

Some of 50's tweets have since been deleted. "HNHI is the stock symbol for TVG sleek by50 is one of the 15 products this year," he said. "If you get in technically I work for you. BIG MONEY" and "Ok ok ok my friends just told me stop tweeting about HNHI so we can get all the money. Hahaha check it out its the real deal," are no longer on his Twitter page.

Instead, less emphatic tweets that suggest 50 had been contacted by his lawyers have appeared. He wrote, "HNHI is the right investment for me it may or may not be right for u! Do ur homework," as well as, "I own HNHI stock thoughts on it are my opinion. Talk to financial advisor about it." —Adam Fleischer