50 Cent Becomes Minority Owner of TV Goods

Now that he’s getting ready to release his own line of headphones, 50 Cent has taken an increased investment in the company.

50 made an equity investment in TV Goods, which made an equity investment in Sleek, the company putting out the rap mogul’s signature headphones. The G-Unit leader is now a minority owner of the company. “When we initially heard Sleek Audio was teaming with 50 Cent we knew it was a partnership we wanted to become a big part of,” said TV Goods Chairman Kevin Harrington. “We’re always looking for products that set the standard, bringing new concepts to market that consumers understand, appreciate and desire. With our knowledge of the retail market, 50′s vision and celebrity, and most importantly Sleek Audio’s innovative product designs, this team we’ve put together is set to deliver some truly exciting products to the market.”

TV Goods is a direct marketing company which sells to consumers on HSN and QVC.

The Queens rapper already tweeted about the investment, encouraging his followers to buy stock in the company. “HNHI is the stock symbol for TVG sleek by 50 is one of the 15 products this year,” he wrote. “If you get in technically I work for you. BIG MONEY.”

TV Goods and Sleek plan to introduce the the Sleek By 50 Cent headphones, as well as a Wireless Hybrid earbud option. —Adam Fleischer

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  • jburg

    Thats one smart brotha

  • a.k man

    does this have anything to do with dr.dre headphones?
    no one said anything about that… I wonder if they have an agreement in place. could be a new west / east beef.

    both fading moguls trying to get corporate with america.
    i dont have this much free time. i can barely write, make beats, do videos properly by my self.

    they are not under proper management. the fan activity and hype around these two is decending fast. 50 you need more beats and better beats first. Sell some more music rep the hood hard, and forget headphones everyone knows when they break they go in the garbage.

    people want the hit you hard where it hurts music back.
    no one is going to shoot anybody.
    not to be hit hard by their favorite artist in the pockets.
    this is the new world now. people want product on demand, and remember good musicians know quality headphones cant be bought at walmart.

    good luck everyone be careful. we love your music.

  • drox

    what in the world is this kid above me talking about??? This is 2011, if an artist doesn’t diversify they’re lost. Take Puffy and Jay-z for an instance. Both can make music that’s garbage half the time and still stay relevant because they’re diversity makes them appealing and appear as if they have the big pocket to take a few loss (Take Jigga’s few shots at Hammer for instance!) Both Dre and 50 have reached the point where they make the music because THEY WANT or OWE THEIR FANS. By showing fans how limited their music production is, they make fans want to hear whatever little they put out independent of quality.
    PS- last time I checked Beats headphones by Dre were still HOT at BestBuy and we’ll see how 50 does with his.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    yo a.k…



    I don’t even know where to start with that comment you posted…if you just wanted attention you won…

    east/west beef over headphones? anyway…

    @ the lurk crew

    That Ross skirmish worked out well for the BOTH of them…

    Ross got the public eye
    Pimpin’ Curly worked the film art
    Banks was revived
    Yayo hit the streets (Swine Flu is a banga)
    Triple C’s got a check
    Mysonne got a gig
    Justice League got noticed
    thisis50.com got noticed
    Spiff TV got noticed

    speak on it…

    • pap3rchazer

      dont forget fif put BOTH his baby mamas on blast lol

      “I’m deciding to ‘fuck your life up’…….for fun” – Curtis Jackson

  • Q461

    “what in the world is this kid above me talking about??? This is 2011, if an artist doesn’t diversify they’re lost.”

    co-sign. Especially if you have built a brand like 50 has. Get as much as you can while you still can. 50 is still a big brand in hip-hop.Yall remember the Wutang financial and Rocapad skits from Dave Chappelle’s show? it was a parody but kinda true. A good businessman diversifies and understands branding. 50 knows this better than anyone and he has had more success than most.

    I don’t even understand ak mans comment to disagree with it lol. It sounds like something my mom would write if she was trying to post a comment on xxl . How would both 50 and Dre having a headphone line equate to east coast west coast beef? lol nigga I want some of what you smokin!!!

    @ Don

    I don’t think the Ross-50 feud really helped 50, but it didnt hurt him eithier. It did help traffic on thisis50.com for sure. It defintely helped Ross though. Ross was smart… he picked that fight with 50 and although noone won any lyrical battle… the attention raised Ross profile. Ross music has also progressed tremendously, to the point that he is now one of raps best selling artists, consistently gold. I think that 50 beef def got dude more attention and moved him into that upper echelon. Even got him his own imprint now. Just my thoughts.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    50 got a book deal, film deal, label artist deal (Banks), endorsement deals (cologne & headphones) out of that “beef”. along with the thisis50.com & partyshow promo thing, not counting the new GNote label. 50 was already a “bully” b4 Ross…that just gave him a reason to do certain things (ie the book, show cats how a “real boss” thinks, ‘Pimpin Curly’ becomes a weekly web series)…

  • Q461

    Yeah but I mean…do you think he would have not got those things if he didnt feud with Ross? The Pimpin Curly thing for sure and the website really took off after that… but I think dude would have had the book deal, film deal, headphones/endorsements and new spinoff label even if they never beefed. 50 has been an intriguing character to the higher ups for a long time. Remember homey 50 laid the groundwork for this way before the Ross beef and already had alot of these things and was building….

    Granted the film deal came out after the Ross beef…. but 50 had been in 3 movies before that…he knows the right people in Hollywood and had enough capital to start his own boutique film company after that…..The book deal started 2 years before the beef…50 was also already pushin products before the beef….(video games, sneakers, G-unit gear, and now headphones)

    Just sayin… I think 50 would have done these things if Ross didnt say a word.Dude is one of the games top hustlers. Ross gained alot more than 50 did, but 50 certainly didnt hurt from it. Nobody won any kind of battle, and 50 is smart enough to know any kind of attention (well most anyway) is vital to a rappers career.

    I’m interested in seeing what comes of this G-Note record label…

  • http://youtube.com/justaphella Cesar August

    well i wonder the cost of these quality headphones…

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