The Taylor Gang have been known to cop merchandise—from t-shirts to hoodies to rolling papers—to support and rep their favorite artist. Recently, Wiz Khalifa gave his fans a new way to emulate Pittsburgh's finest, with the release of limited edition sunglasses last month. Fresh off his Waken Baken Tour, Wiz recently to to explain the process behind the creation of the frames.

"There is a guy out in Pittsburgh who owns a boutique called Eyetique and his name is Norman Childs and he designs his own glasses and sells them in stores," the XXL Freshman said. "So we just collaborated on that together. I went in a couple times and designed them; we made the frames and the lenses and through him we’re selling ‘em. It’s like a collaboration thing, but I did design ‘em and he just pulled them off for me."

"All that stuff [involving merchandising] is just presenting itself," he continued. "It's no telling where we gonna go with it. I’m gonna keep pushing it as much as we can and let the people know that we always have something cracking."

The shades are available in both black and tortoise and are available now. Cop them here. —Adam Fleischer with additional reporting by Rob Markman


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