After releasing his summer single, “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,” Alabama-born rapper, Rich Boy, wants his fans to know he’s back and he has more to show for it than just his music.

What began as an idea stemmed in an L.A. grocery store turned into reality last Monday (November 29), as Rich officially released his pre-paid, re-loadable, debit MasterCard with Plastic Cash International LLC. The company works exclusively with MasterCard creating a product for teens, young adults, and college-bound kids to stay out of debt. Brian Newberry, CEO of Plastic Cash International LLC says that the card is a “fit [for] their lifestyle.”

Russell Simmons was the first hip-hop affiliate to create a card such as this – the Rush Card – but the Southern lyricist is the first Interscope Records artist to partner with such a major company and create this product. “I feel like it’ll help America if we learn at an early age how to manage this money,” Rich told He continued by saying, “I’m tryna reach every neighborhood; not just on a profit situation, but just giving people learning experience [on] what to do with this money, this new, digital, plastic money.”

Plastic Cash International LLC is currently partnered with various musical talents, but said it was a no-brainer when adding Rich Boy to that roster. “Rich was a great artist and somebody we know was on our hit list," Newberry said. "He’s socially conscious about his community [and] fans, and his team behind him, they’ve got it together. They’re aggressive, and that’s what we look for. We have a great relationship with Rich and his guys.”

Rich Boy and Plastic Cash have admirable plans for their partnership as the community-oriented artist intends to visits a number of schools throughout the country to highlight the importance of money management.

The card is available in local stores as well as online at
Be sure to look out for Rich Boy’s upcoming album, Resurrected in Diamonds, coming soon. —Amber McKynzie