Yesterday, we brought you Part 1 of Polo and Hip-Hop, an Oral History. There, we saw Polo go from one of many prep brands worn by street kids in Brooklyn to the most celebrated brand in hip-hop. After peaking with Raekwon’s Snow Beach Pullover in Wu-Tang Clan’s “So Simple” video in 1993, our ‘Lo heads remember how Polo rounded out the '90s and headed into the new millennium. —Calvin Stovall

The ‘Lo Heads:
Thirstin Howl III (AKA Big Vic Lo) – Rapper, founding member of Brooklyn’s infamous Lo Life crew.
Just Blaze - Super-Producer, Polo Enthusiast, Host of Master of Mix DJ Competition on Centric
88-Keys – Rapper, Producer, has worn Polo exclusively since 2006; working on sophomore mixtape The ALPHA Program, Ver. 2.1;
Raekwon – Rapper, Wu-Tang Clan; 5th solo project, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, due in early 2011
Young Dro – Rapper, releasing third solo album, POLO (Players Only Live Once), in early 2011.
Sean Price – Rapper, Duck Down Records
Vado – Rapper, “Polo (Remix)” ft. Young Dro; recently released Slime Flu
Dallas Penn – Hip-hop journalist, ‘Lo Head since 1985,
Victor Ving – Co-Creator of
Jose Hustle – Video blogger, College student, Star of “Been Had Polo” YouTube video.