The Decoded press run just got new legs.

Jay-Z's high-selling memoir and lyric book, which was released just over a month ago, will now come in app form, as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, the application will be supported by the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, through the Amazon Kindle app.

For $9.99, you can get ten of Jay's songs with their interactive Decoded treatment; for $24.99, 36 songs with lyrics will be available. If you're willing to dish out a little more cash, for $35, you can cop an enhanced e-book edition that includes two videos as well as exclusive video interviews with Hov.

"We want to deliver content any way the consumer wants to read it," said Gina Centrello, publisher of the Random House Publishing Group, whose Spiegel & Grau released Decoded. —Adam Fleischer