Eight Page Turning Hip-Hop Must Haves for the Holidays

Hip-hop has always prided itself on its oral traditions—rappers, at their core, are street griots who provide corner reportage on varied topics: ghetto tales, politics, relationships, the drug game and, what Jay-Z would term “the life.” This year, in particular, saw those accounts documented and anthologized in great detail. With the holidays in full swing, XXL decided to offer its picks of the best hip-hop books to buy this season. —Jason Parham

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  • Worley

    Born to Use Mics is a lot of incoherent, academic trash. Most of those authors seem to have pre-written essays with passing mentions of Illmatic. Skip it.

  • North

    ^^^^^^thanks for the advice. I figured as much. Dyson is too old. I respect him but sit yo @$$ down write about something less hip that may help us out.

  • IndyKid

    Haha it’s great that XXL has got to break out the big words when they write an article on hip-hop literature. I love you XXL but c’mon, quit trying to be something you’re not. Smart.


  • Jason Parham

    ^^^^^^ Haters gonna hate!

    In any event, I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, “big words” and all.