Although I rock the fashion section of XXL Magazine, I've also been driving the hottest cars from coast-to-coast for years. And I'm about to introduce you to some of them on a monthly basis in this space, along with the usual fashion stories. I will be starting with the 2011 CTS-V Coupe. I interviewed Eric Dolis, my GM specialist who works for Fred Mackerodt Inc.

In the words of Cadillac, the 2011 CTS-V Coupe is a boldly styled driving enthusiast's dream car. Its sleek profile reveals keyless, handle-free, auto-touch door releases. It features a distinctive stainless steel dual mesh grille and a power dome that accommodates a 556hp 6.2L supercharged V8. It's performance handling is assured by a Nurburgring-tuned suspension and it's definitely a luxury sport coupe like no other. —Coffey What separates this coupe from others?
Eric Dolis: The unique styling and 550 hp, all for under $70k, separates this coupe from any others. Name a rap artist you think the CTS-V coupe is suitable for?
ED: I think Q-Tip would be great for this Cadillac as he kind of reminds me of it. [Like this], he's a little different and offers a flair for the stylish, but at the same time is still a classic. How does it lend itself to be customized?
ED: There are so many ways to customize your ride these days. But, for this V, I think you have to put on an exhaust to show off it's insane power, and couple that with Cadillac's custom black wheels (dealer option), because looking good is always first and foremost. Oh, and accessorizing with a matching Cadillac Escalade is a must! I'm Jay-Z. I just walk into the dealership. Give me your best sales pitch.
ED: My pitch to Jay-Z would go something like this... "Jiggaman, big fan. In my eyes you are a modern cultural icon and have been a game changer your whole life. I think it is only fitting that your ride reflects the same. This all new CTS-V coupe is a styling icon that is pushing this luxury brand in a direction never seen before, race inspired performance. Traits that all automakers are striving to keep up. That, and it's more fun then your Bentley. GO NETS!" Finish the following sentence: When I'm driving I'm listening to or blasting...
ED: Anything sounds good bumping out of this coupes 10 Bose speakers. But, right now, I'm back on 50's Get Rich or Die Tryin' album, because isn't that what we're all trying to do? Need that money so we all can get our own customized CTS coupes with matching Escalades!