Polo and Hip-Hop, an Oral History [Pt. 1]

5. 1993 – The Snow Beach:
Raekwon wears the infamous Polo Snow Beach Pullover in Wu-Tang’s “So Simple” video. The Snow Beach instantly becomes an iconic piece of hip-hop history and a holy grail for ‘Lo heads worldwide, routinely selling for more than $2000 dollars on eBay today.

Raekwon: I mean, it definitely was something I thought of. I wanted to have a little bit of something on in the video. At that time, it was just all about tops. I didn’t really worry about what kinda jeans, you know. It was always basic jeans type shit. But when I put that Polo Beach on, it was only because I liked it. It took me back to the times of when I was coming up getting fly and all that. I wanted people to know that this is how I do my thing. Hat backwards, Polo pullover on— it was a pullover, it wasn’t really like a sweater or no Rugby or nothing, I wanted to take it to the next level. I think I paid probably around like $300 for it. You know, back then, that was the main thing for us. If you had a strong top on, you could just have some great jeans on, and some Uptown Air Forces on, and call it a day. But when I wore it, I wanted to see if people was gonna acknowledge that it was fly; ‘cause it was definitely fly to me. Even today, you still got cats that talk about it. Recently somebody drew a picture of me, it actually had the Polo piece on it. I was actually shocked like, ‘Wow. People is really paying attention.’ But at that time, it was just about representing, you nah mean? I felt I was a fly nigga back then, and I just wanted to see how many people would recognize that particular item. ‘Cause you know, it was all about as well, too, if you got some Polo that’s different from other cats’, that’s what brothers like. They like the fact of seein’ different stuff that they felt was authentic. It’s like, whoever had the meanest Polo shirt, Polo goose, Polo hat, if it was authentic it meant something to us.

88-Keys: When I saw Raekwon wear the Snow Beach Pullover, it didn’t hit me like it hit most ‘Lo heads. I didn’t think anything outside of, “man, that’s a dope piece that he’s rocking.” I didn’t look at it as a legendary moment for ‘Lo heads at the time. I can see looking back, but it still doesn’t really hit me that way. But I must agree, it is a defining moment in that ‘Lo head culture. I was probably taken by surprise that he rocked it, because me being from the Bronx and Long Island at the time and just running with my little crew, I didn’t think anybody was like really up on it as far as celebrities were concerned.

Just Blaze:
It probably the freshest piece they had made up to that point for that generation. The previous generation was very partial to the Polo USA stuff, but for the kids who were 14, 15 where Wu-Tang came out, and you seen that, for a lot of people, that jacket because of its color scheme, because it was bright and so different, that was a lot of peoples’ introduction to Polo. Even thought I had had a few pieces before that, I can speak for myself and speak for a lot of people that say they looked at that video, saw that, and that’s what they wanted. That’s the reason why to this day, if you find the Snow Beach online, it’s anywhere from $2000-$5000; for a pullover that cost $350 when it came out. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say a lot of people fell into it because of that video right there, more so probably than any other moment in hip-hop. A lot of people fell into it because of that video.

Stupid. Stupid! With the jeans with the one leg up. Or he had the sweats with the one leg up. I remember that. That’s why I gotta shout out Raekwon, ‘cause he been doin’ it.

Thirstin Howl III: Yeah, it was a real moment ‘cause you saw your reflection; somebody like you. You saw your style. When somebody glorified how you dress and how you look. Meaning he bigged us all up by doin’ it. He made the whole ‘Lo shit even more official. Which, it was already on full blast.

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  • brand-new

    polo always been the shit…way better than ralph lauren’s other creation, c.h.a.p.s (coulda had a polo shirt), as i call it.

    • Mike The Preacher

      I’m not gonna lie polos look dope and I do own one, albeit I got it for my b-day, but it gets ridiculous when you have to spend damn near a bill($75 plus tax) for just one basic polo from the Ralph Lauren store. I mean fiscal responsibility must not be in our vocabulary b/c this obsession is just sad. I appreciate fashion as much as the next guy but it’s all made in China for $2. We’re paying 40 times the true cost for a horse logo. I know I’m gonna get some hate here but we’re never gonna get out the hood when we spend it on polos, nikes, jordans, etc. Open your eyes people.

      • kanker

        go and rob them then and save the bills

  • mr50000

    damn yall went in for this i could have read even more. what is in store for part 2??

    • Malik-Lo

      Yes there is a part 2 but in the Source mag highlighting Malik-Lo, Seminole Sport, Meyhem Lauren and others coming in like Jan/Feb ‘ 11 keep an eye open for it


    Yall left out Pimp C one of the biggest supporters of Polo.

    • Malik-Lo

      Pimp C wasnt doing it when we were u gotta remember we going back to like 85 and better homie.

      • d;d

        i bet he was ma nigga. ugk came out in 1990. pimp or chad as he’s known in the area was a bigtime hustler around port arthur, tx and southwest louisiana before the rap shit. so im pretty positive pimp chad was fuckin wit polo in the 80′s bruh

  • BRIX

    ^@brand-new: Ha! Me and my peoples used to call Chaps – Cheap Ass Polo Sport…bc it was basically the lesser version of Polo.

    Damn, this takes me back when I was kid rocking Polo here and there bc my pops would get me some things…but once Rae rocked that Snow Beach piece, it was a wrap! I remember wanting a summer job just to get my Polo game up for the summer/next school year!

    I get a little mad these days when I see some of these whack ass young kids wearing Polo with skinny jeans and shit just looking stupid…feels like they just not representing right!

    • http://www.facebook.com/platnumreaux nickreauxbitch

      Ay don’t be hatin on skinny jeans sayin they not reppin right and shit. when will you see me eva hate on another mans jeans? grow up ya oold nigga

  • puerto-black

    HAHA! C.H.A.P.S= Can’t. Have. A. Polo. Sucka
    These young boys be killing me with the “Beverly Hills Club” shit too. Part 2 talk about the the rugby Game and “POLP FUCK THAT HILFIGER” -PIMP C, C DA PIMP

  • ginoblu

    i like polo but once ralph said he aint fuck with us he was dead in my eyes

    • Malik-Lo

      Ralph never said that that was a rumor Tommy Hilfiger was caught saying something to that nature never Ralph. He said he made his clothes as a lifestyle.

    • Marco- LO Harlem Original LO Head

      I’m A Lo Head And Have Been Rockin Polo Gear For 25 Years… I Was One Of The First Cats To Bring The Polo Buzz To Harlem… It Was A Brooklyn Thing That Was Taught To Me In My Days Of High School In Park West…. I Wore Polo So Much I Was A Regular At The Mansion And The Sales People Knew Me There And I Got A Job There…. That Abled Me To End Up Working For Ralph Directly… So I Can Speak On It.. It Was Tommy Hill That Said That And Timberland Co-signed By Stating That They Don’t Make Or Design Their Clothes To Be Worn In The Urban Market(An Nicer Way to Say They Don’t Sell To The Minorities)… Wearing Polo & Supporting It In This Hip Hop Generation Shows The Power Of The Dollars That We As A People Are Capable Of Generating So As A Business Man Why Wouldn’t Ralph Embraced It To Make His Business Grow??? As You Can See Tommy Has Fell To The Waste Side…. As Far As Polo Being In The Front Line Of Hip Hop Fashion… It’s Always Been For True LO-Life’s & LO Heads That Have Been In The Game… Its Funny How Cats Are Saying They Are Bringing It Back Or That They Started This LO Everything In Hip Hop Without Giving The True Originators There Credit Like The LO-LIFE’S,Ralphies Kids etc,etc…. These Were The True Real Cats That Were In The Trenches Of This LO Movement And That Made It What It Is Today….. The LO-LIFE’S Of Brooklyn Started This Frenzy So Don’t Forget Your Past…. 2 L’s Up & Salute To Malik- LO & The Other Original Real LO-LIFE Fam Of LOve & LOyalty

  • fuck yall

    i thought that was fuck boy tommy that said he didnt mess with black folks on rossie o donnels show

  • south ambassador

    Yall really missed out on Trick Daddy….”Is that bugle boy jeans you’re wearing, hell naw ho you know they polo”. I was heavy into polo until the last couple of years. These young guys have the fake polo with 2 men on the horse. That shit is a disgrace to the brand.
    Players only live once

    • Mr. Uda

      When I first read this the first thing that came to my mind was T DOUBLE D aka Trick Daddy $…….but i was to shocked not to see his name on this blog…….in the late 90s he was iconic for “rocking” nothing but POLO……

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine



    who did this blog? Nice yo…

  • jam

    i thought it was tommy hill that said that

  • Magnetic

    I think it was the head honcho at Timberland that said he didn’t fuck with us, it may have been Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph put Tyson Beckford in his ads, tatoos and all, that was a big representation for blacks and hip hop

  • http://www.spag-lo.com SPAG-LO

    Polo RL is timeless…But the LO-LIFE movement is deeper than the brand itself and deserves more than a magazine spread #REALTALK.
    Nice article


    good read . why do they keep saying the snow joint cost 300+? i remember passing on that jacket(hate it) in the spot on 72nd & mad,an for mens it was $190 an kids was $89/$98(at the time i could rock kids i.t.’s) i didint fuck that line sept for the gloves an buckit/ranger hat.glad they talk to real dudes that was really there from jump street(thirst,p! an dallas) …well most of them an not the duck tales crew!!!

  • Trap Daddy

    The thing with RL Polo (as mentioned in the blog) it’s a timeless look. Never will get played out like other urbanwear. It’s a classic, simple look. I have many polos, some of them are like 5 years old but are still hard, still get complements on them. If you take care of them, they”ll take care of you. Lol. It’s a lifestyle.

  • stoney boy



    and if u ask who im talkin bout u a hatin ass bitch, probably from new york


    I can think about so many LO pieces that I wish they would re-release. All the younger dudes today would go crazy if they could see some of the pieces I saw growing up as a teenager in the mid 90′s….

  • CoupDeLa

    Thank you based god for a great article on Hip Hop’s fascination with Lo.

  • Kalon

    im 24 just really getting into the shit…i only shop at ralphlauren.com and macys.com

    you gotta know how to match and create your own style and stop copyin off other niggas b…people in new orleans disgrace me with this…copying ass niggas

  • Ayre

    Damn! I remember getting my first Polo shirt when I was like 12 in ’86! It was a ‘Lo love affair until I realized I wasn’t getting paid to advertise Ralph’s wares, I was paying him! Now I try to stay away from logos as much as possible.

  • Smear

    Great piece….glad to see the original Lo-Heads getting the recognition for the lifestyle.

  • Axeo

    Since nobody said it: Buy Us Fuck You.
    Classic Method Man and Redman How High

  • Mike The Preacher

    I’m not gonna lie polos look dope and I do own one, albeit I got it for my b-day, but it gets ridiculous when you have to spend damn near a bill($75 plus tax) for just one basic polo from the Ralph Lauren store. I mean fiscal responsibility must not be in our vocabulary b/c this obsession is just sad. I appreciate fashion as much as the next guy but it’s all made in China for $2. We’re paying 40 times the true cost for a horse logo. I know I’m gonna get some hate here but we’re never gonna get out the hood when we spend it on polos, nikes, jordans, etc. Open your eyes people.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    we got Lifers on the thread huh? get you’re shine…

    don’t forget to shout out all of the fallen Lifers…

    SmDh @ dude trying to throw darts at NY cats on a NY thread…like we don’t know Chad is Pimp C (RIP)…and no NY cats weren’t the only ones rocking ‘Lo…just some history on how they did it then…it’s part of Hip Hop history too…

    @ Preacher Mike

    there are spots that have sales…even the site has sales…I even caught a ‘Lo shirt last year @ Goodwill for $16…

    and c/s whoever said there are a lot of vintage ‘Lo pieces out there that would make cats foam at the mouth right now (nhjic).

  • Durbey E. Macon

    I would very interested in hearing what Mr Laren (yes I know that not his real name), has to say about the article.

  • sb

    Ralph has timeless pieces,great quality material, hot designs and patterns.. Been wearing Polo since 84. 70 percent of my warbrobe is Ralph, the same with my kids…

  • Worley

    I went to school in BK all through the 80s to ’91. Lo Lifes were everywhere. I was like damn those are some fly n!ggas right there. I also remember seeing cats robbed and beat to the floor at the B’way East New York station. I’m talking back before they built the precinct in that piece. My parents saw the violence and the price tag too. They said they would never buy me Polo. But going to school in BK, I had to have it.

    Well, on our senior trip we went to colonial Wiliamsburg where they had a Lo store with only one white dude at the register and no security. We went ape on that place. It got so bad this one dude, my man Big Al, took an orange windbreaker right off the mannequin in plain sight. Dude at the register wanted no part of us. That’s how I got my first Polo – it was blue with a white bar in the middle that said Polo in Red and Sport in blue. The response I got while wearing that joint made Lo an indispensable part of the wardrobe to this day.

  • you thought wrong…

    Neither Ralph or Tommy ever said the “not made for black people” line… that is an urban myth. And i find it offensive that people still always bring that up like its truth but ignore REAL shit that should have people revolting in the streets. FUCK outta here.

  • south east d.c.

    dudes in d.c were wearing polo before it was influenced by rappers. weve been wearing lo from way back in 83 84. its a fact. for the record dc dudes were not influenced by new yorkers in any way to wear polo. any body that really know d.c dudes will know that we were known for our polo and track new balance sneakers

  • LOuesco

    Big up all Decep!! HAIL MEG!!!

    And all original LO-LIFES!!!!

  • http://www.luckylogan.com Logan P. McCoy

    Phenomenal article. I am thoroughly impressed. I saw it happen. To read about it however many years later is definitely incredible. This is how history happens. Some people live it, and others write about it. My long beek (had to pin it 20 times for it to fit my head) stadium hat off to the writers for this one. In the words of the truly aspirational, “bravo, my good people, bravo!”.

  • http://www.spolop.com tba

    Tommy Hillfiger never said that about the minorities, it’s an urban legend, that he has been trying to rebute ever since it started popping off in 1996. Tommy H tried embrassing the hip hop community and was the first “high” fashion brand to use Hip hop artists as models on the runway, but after the racist rumors got out of hand they lost the “street” market and stopped fokusing on it.

    • Godzilla Jr.

      “embrassing” or embracing?

  • http://www.showyalo.com Wiggz-LO, Extraordinaire

    This article is cool but kinda corny at the same time and seems rather rushed. My man over at The Source already had this mapped out a minute ago and that story will actually feature “official” heads giving you the realz on the movement from then-2-now. There’s real speech being spoken here, but a lot of this ground has been covered already, not to mention, the weak visuals that were just snatched from any ol’ place online actually diminish what Mr. Stovall was set out to accomplish. It’s not a total FAIL especially since the game is now back at a feverish pitch and it’s been a minute since any hip-hop publication has shed some light on the culture; same time, I know money’s aim was to cover a wide spectrum of cats who are in or around the industry, from then to now, but c’mon fam…Jose Hustle??? Vado and Young Dro?!? Even 88-Keys is suspect, especially when he was quoted saying he used to rock back in the early 90′s in another interview, and now on here he’s claiming to be “LO-down” since 2006…wtf?!?! I respect a lot of these dudes and their contributions to hip-hop, but a lotta cats got they stories twisted when it comes to this ‘LO sh*t…smh…look out for the official story to drop in The Source mag at the top of the year…



  • Artie Mcfly

    Ok! I’m a Lo head from the 90s .. stated!!!!! People forget it wasn’t just about having a lil horse on your chest it was about rocking HEAT!! Dope pieces from 1988-1996! Thats when all the best shit came out! It was about starting a movement in your neighborhood>Being FLY!!! Your dad wore the little horse on his chest that means Nothing.. This is reason Pimp C and Trick Daddy aren’t mention!!! They just wore regular pieces.. Some of you wont understand that, and its fine. Just proves to weren’t paying attention anyway

  • http://thirstinhowlthe3rd.com THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD

    THE CROWN CAN NOT BE SHARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2L’S UP

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  • Guillaume

    Been wearing Polo since ’79.