It’s getting cold (unfortunately), and that means it’s time to throw those Varsity jackets on again. Look no further than Akomplice and Hieroglyphics, who collaborated on the freshness you see below.

We’ll let Akomplice tell it:

“Akomplice has taken their very popular Hooded Varsity silhouette and created a new version that bears both the Akomplice and Hiero logos (Hiero’s logo was voted the third most recognizable logo in music by Rolling Stone magazine). Then Hieroglyphics took it to another level by creating an original track, especially for the project, that will come with the Hooded Varsity jacket. Akomplice and Hiero have been mutual fans of each other for several years now, and it was just a matter of time before both parties came together and created a next-level piece.”

The jacket came out on November 4 and is available at the online stores of both Hieroglyphics and Akomplice. It retails for $110.