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Web Candy of the Week: Kandice Kandy

Kandice Kandy is a tatted-up budtender who believes that “just because you don’t finish school doesn’t mean you’re not educated.” What more do you need to know? Read XXLmag.com's conversation with the Cali-bred beauty to find out. — Calvin Stovall (@calvinstovall) Location: California Ethnicity: Haitian/German Height: 5'6" 1/2 Weight: 125 Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Dark brown XXLmag.com: Modeling isn’t your only hustle. What else do you do? Kandice Kandy: I work at DTLAC, LA Collective. It’s, like, where you pick up your weed. Like I’m a budtender— I serve weed to people. How did you hook that up? You just apply. Like, you have to be a patient, though. You ...

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