The sexy side of hip-hop

Brooke Bailey: “I Had Sex In A Private Airport Bathroom”

Brooke Bailey's question-and-answer segment with XXL sizzled. Now, the former Wild 'n Out model, who starred in Snoop Dogg and Akon’s “I Wanna Love You,” 50 Cent’s “Amusement Park”, and Lil Wayne’s “Lolipop,” is back for more. Here, the Black/Indian bombshell fills in the blanks with XXL. —Uncle Mike The craziest thing someone has done to get my attention is I had to change my phone number today. Somebody is not taking no for answer kinda on some stalker shit. If I’m saying, ‘No,’ just accept it. The corniest pick up line I’ve ever heard is I’ve never heard anything corny cuz ...

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