30 Reasons Why You Should Follow @TwerkingVine On Twitter

If you’re new to Twitter or need someone to follow, look no further than @TwerkingVine. They always provide the daily inspiration to make your day better. Think we’re lying, here’s 30 reasons why you need to take our advice.  

  • https://soundcloud.com/dinsomniac DI (-2 day till retirement)

    God bless twerking

  • HMN

    am fapping rn tbr

  • Guest

    OK, now it’s time for me to be a hypocrite. While I would KILL (no, I am NOT joking) my daughter for “twerking”(if I had one), I am very very happily hypnotized by a perfect round ass jumping and dancing around for my entertainment. I just got out of a relationship with my former HD girlfriend who (at 43) still has the world’s greatest ass & had the gift of not only being able to manipulate the muscles in her…uh…well, you get it…in such a way as to make me lose my mind, but she could (and did regularly) “twerk” while on top during sex. I wish I could describe it…and if she wasn’t impossible to live with, I’d wish that we were still together. She had the sex-drive of an 18 yr old male… That said, I have to admit that I watched the “30 Reasons Why You Should Follow @TwerkingVine On Twitter” 5 or 6 times ….and will most definitely follow @TwerkingVine on Tiwtter. Some women (and definitely 13-17 yr old teenage girls) shouldn’t “twerk”…but thank God that there are so many 18 yr old-plus women that have the asses & ability, and DO twerk. Bless them…bless them one and all. I see a woman twerk & I think of how lucky a man would be to have Scarlett Johansson tweking for and on him. Can you imagine THAT ass gettin it done right in front of and on top of you? Crazy-insane!!! Long Live Twerking !!!