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Measurements: 38-28-40

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Convent Station, New Jersey

Favorite Rapper(s): Casey Veggies, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Jay-Z

Twitter: THEKayVega

Instagram: THEKayVega




Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do when you're not modeling?
When I’m not modeling I’m working, either running my radio show “Right Now Radio” on or consulting at my artist management company ExecGang Management.


How did you get into the modeling industry?
It was an accident really. I did my first photo shoot as a favor to a friend interested in photography and people in the city took notice.  After that I got involved in more shoots, small shows and loved every minute of it, now I’m here!


What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?
The biggest misconception about me is that people think I am one dimensional.  They look at my pictures see a pretty face and think that’s it.  No way! I am an Ohio State University grad, an entrepreneur and I know I have endless potential; modeling is just a step along the way.


What would you say was your greatest accomplishment in modeling? What would you say was your greatest accomplishment outside of modeling?
Honestly, I’d say that first photo shoot was my greatest accomplishment in modeling so far.  When I got those pictures back a fire was lit.  I saw myself in such a different light that my confidence grew and I carried myself differently.  As far as growing and being comfortable in your own skin I don’t think there’s anything better than that.  Outside of modeling I would say my greatest accomplishment was finishing school with a Bachelors in Sports industries and a double minor in Theater and African and African American Studies.  I am a first generation college student, the oldest of four children and sixteen grandchildren, I have a lot of people watching me and I know it.


Who is your favorite Hip-Hop artist out now? Why?
Casey Veggies.  On the 16th Veggies came and performed at AnimalXHouse an event in Columbus, OH and killed it.  He is my favorite artist right now because his swagger and personality had a stage presence that backed up what he was saying.  You can tell he’s real and that’s becoming less and less common in the industry. Besides, he was cool enough to let me do an interview for my radio station and do a drop so that’s much appreciated!


Who is your celebrity crush, and why?
That’ll be fellow Jersey girl Karen Civil. From the awesome content on her website to how she literally crafted her own lane in the hip hop community, how can you not be in awe?  She was at a wine tasting and networking event in Cleveland that I wasn’t able to go to, I am still sick about missing it.


What are your biggest turn-ons?
You have got to command my attention.  I like being around someone I can learn from and to a degree, look up to.  Oh and being tall and skinny with pretty eyes doesn’t hurt either lol.


What are your biggest turn-offs?
Bad teeth! I am too happy and smile too often to be with someone who can’t brush their teeth on a regular basis.


What qualities do you look for in a man?
 I look for consistency and drive.  I go all in when I’m with someone so I need someone who isn’t going to let me down.  I also have a lot of goals and plans to get there so whoever I’m with has to be the same way.  You can only support an unmotivated person so much before they start lagging behind you and I don’t have time for that.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself sitting next to my entertainment law degree writing up contracts, talent agreements and broadcasting my radio show live from somewhere with a beach.


What is a Fun Fact about yourself?
I went to The Ohio State University as a Division I varsity athlete, for their fencing team!


Any advice you would give women?
Ladies you have to take care of yourself before you can try to take care of anyone else.  Figure out what makes you happy and be smart enough to find a way to make a living doing it.