2013 was the year of Twerking. This dance craze captured the attention of mainstream media and wouldn't ket go. Now it's everywhere. All over the internet, all over social media, all over the awards shows, and all over the news. But if you think it started with Miley Cyrus, you're very wrong. The Queens of Twerk, Lady Luscious and Mizz Twerksum, formed the duo Twerk Team and took the once niche southern dance move and made an empire out of it years ago. Listen to their story below.

XXL: How did Twerk Team start? 

Lady Luscious: Well it was just a group of girls. It basically started from a friendship. We posted a video and got a bunch of views. We just posted the video having fun because twerking wasn't something people was doing back then. It basically got started from a video just going viral. Soulja Boy reposted for us and it got millions of views.

How old were y'all?

Mizz Twerksum: We did the video late 2007, early 2008. We were in high school. Right now I'm 21 and L is 22.

How many were in the group initially?

Lady L: When we started off, it was a bunch of us. It was like 6 or 7 of us. Then when we made the "Donk" video, it was four of us. Once we started going on the road and traveling that's when it was three main members. We started traveling late 2009. People just started demanding us in their cities and we just started doing teen events.