Slutty Boyz Top Hottest Women

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  • coco-austin
    There has been some controversy lately surrounding Coco and some photographs she took with someone other than Ice-T and it made us really remember how much we love her...and her booty. One of her most memorable moments this year was her costume for the annual Comic-Con convention, held in New York, where she revealed everything that is luscious about her. We put together this gallery in case you missed it, because we wouldn't want you to miss out! Enjoy! —XXL Staff (@XXL)
  • iggy-azalea
  • RihannaBackStage_0_1616303a
  • Megan
  • Gabrielle-Union-41
    Gabrielle Union, 39
  • bey2
  • NickiBoobs
  • keyshia_dior_58
    Lil' Boosie, "Undeniable Talent"
    "Looking like a kingpin, jewelry like Slick Rick/Keyshia Cole seen me, she said "Boosie that's too much.""
  • keyshia-dior-sge-009
    "Lampin' on the island jus to see a decent tan/So have my money in total "Kima Keisha Pam"
  • 5319782139_8b79a55720
    Rappers love Keisha's. Whether it's Lil Wayne making clever quips about Keyshia Cole on "Barry Bonds" or Kendrick Lamar telling the story of a lost young lady on "Keisha's Song", MC's have been dropping the name in their rhymes for years. To celebrate Cash Out's smash "Cashin' Out" (which brilliantly uses Keisha to refer to both weed and a woman in the same bar) hitting #1 on the Billboard charts we collected our 16 favorite bars mentioning the name Keisha and paired them with 16 sexy pics of Eye Candy Keyshia Dior. Bet this 16 is the hottest verse you click on all day.
  • Keyshia Dior, Eye Candy of the Year (2011)
    Keyshia Dior, Eye Candy of the Year (2011)
  • Cassie-021012
  • Cassie_45
  • Cassie_76
  • Cassie_84
  • miley_cyrus_50
  • miley-teyana
    Getting cozy with Teyana Taylor
  • miley_!
    Miley Cyrus
  • iggy-azalea-1
  • iggy-azalea4
  • iggy_azalea_tumblr_ls80v1s1ez1r1ix7no1_500_6L02j1S.sized
  • icet-coco-featured
  • COCO_NIP2222
  • rihanna-topless-top1
  • Rihanna-Topless-Halloween
  • rihanna-topless-holding
  • megangood2
  • Megan Good - Featured
  • Bey3
  • Bey1
  • Beyonce-74
  • nickim
  • nickiminaj
  • nicki-minag-breasts-high-school
  • nicki_minaj_hot_or_not-26

Fat Trel, Meatchi, Pwild and Dewbaby aka the Slutty Boyz came through XXL offices to discuss a number of topics. One in particular that went on for some time were their top hottest women in entertainment. The names were plentiful at first but they narrowed it down to ten. Here is there list.

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  • cage1

    Thought this was a hot list. Three of the ugliest in the business are on here. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cryrus.

    • Steven

      Your either a homosexual or a fat woman either way your taste in women sucks. Beyonce looks better than half of those chicks. And Beyonce don’t have to have a tons of makeup on to be pretty either. I seen Beyonce without makeup she’s still cute I can’t say that about other celebrity women.

      • cage1

        Actually I am a 35 year old strait male. I am also I male that like women that are not fake and actually look like a human and a woman. Beyonce looks like a man, Miley is a half breed between a squirlor chipmunk and pug. Minaj has so many fake body parts it is gross.