Nicki Minaj Uploads A Topless Photo On Instagram


Good God Almighty. Nicki Minaj surprised her barbz worldwide, and made every man in the world day happy, by uploading a topless photo of herself on Instagram. The Young Money superstar poses topless, with her long black hair strategically covering her nipples. See pic above.


  • TheBigMAnQ

    She also has a sex tape its hidden behind the Ads on a site called GANGSTAHOLLYWOOD i seen it and not only is it her buts she is nasty as hell and cant handle the D lol. i went clicked and ad i didn’t see it but when i refreshed and clicked again it popped up, i think she owed a promoter money and that was payback

  • PeteConcrete

    So much for N.M. saying she was all for the small girls, ad wnated to be a good role model, huh. Sex is Cheap!