True Eye Candy is not just a pretty face or a banging body -- it's a raw talent, it's a wifey type, it's a ride-or-die chick that gets her own while she helps you get yours! (It's the reason y'all look for a Beyonce, especially when you're trying to get your Jay-Z on...) In today's Eye Candy feature, we're going to check out some musical candy...girls that look as good as they sound, girls who prove that a pretty face and talent are not mutually exclusive! -- Bernadette Giacomazzo (@berngiacomazzo)

Kanary Diamonds
This West Coast rapper has been featured on MTV, has had her music placed on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, and recently collaborated with Queens artist Yung Fliiboy to create the official theme song for Rep The Code clothing company. Her freestyle, "Blackout," is just as fiery as her good looks and great grind!

And this is the WORLD PREMIERE of the saw it here first!