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Miss Tierra, another GGurls referral, comes to us via Tacoma, Washington, and is definitely not your average vixen. Miss Tierra is a goddess, a mistress, yes, folks, she is a fetish video vixen. Ever wonder what it’s like to be dominated in bed? Begging for more? Miss Tierra will show you how it’s done. And in this interview, we discussed her profession, how she got into it, and what she would do if she were ever in the room with Jay Z.

Bernadette Giacomazzo (@berngiacomazzo)

Measurements: 32DD-25-40

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MissTierra

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/GoddessTierra

Website: http://www.Club-Tierra.com and http://www.GoddessTierra.com


Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Tierra. I am from Tacoma, Washington. I have been modeling since 2006 and I am also a fetish video vixen with nearly 2000 videos online. I produce all my own content and run all my own websites. I’m my own boss and I love it.


You’re affiliated with GGurls. Tell us about that affiliation. How have they helped with your career?

I recently just became an official GGurl model, managed by Mr. Lewis and so far its been pretty awesome. GGurls, to me, is the encyclopedia of urban models and I am excited to be a part of the team.


What would you say was the biggest challenge you have had to overcome? How did you overcome it?

The tattoos, when I first started modeling they were not as accepted as they are now, but it was something that I have always been into. I think, in the beginning, people looked down on them, which was a challenge for me when it came to finding features, but now they are everywhere. My tattoos are just an a further expression of myself and I am glad that people are more accepting of them.


What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?

When I am not modeling I like to work, work, work. I am a workaholic. When I am not modeling I am being the web mistress of the 3 sites that I run. I also really love perfecting my body so I am always working out when I have time.


Who is your celebrity crush, and why?

I’m not really one to crush on celebs—I have a gorgeous, intelligent man already—but, if I could line them up and pick one I would have to say Jay Z, just to pick his brain. I love his business mentality and the way he works. It is very very interesting to me. I love a man that works hard.


If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring model, what would it be, & why?

Stay true to yourself and never change just to “fit in.” You are the very best version of yourself, stay that way.

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  • Cocaine Howie

    No thanks

  • Todd

    I have to tell all, Goddess Tierra is like no other! It has been quite some time that I fell under her spell. Her sexy looks lured me in and her Mind has kept me enslaved. She is the real deal, Mind, body, and soul. In a sea of eyecandy, Goddess Tierra has the true ability to keep you and sculpt you. It started with one clip….. You have been warned xoxo, what can one little clip do? that’s what i thought :)

  • david

    GODDESS TIERRA is the best. i go nowhere but to my computer to follow her, buying clip after clip- i am a walking Zombie for her.

  • http://ggurls.com GGurls

    We so love Goddess Tierra and thanks Bernadette Giacomazzo and XXL for the love!

  • S Beezy Babbyyyyyy

    Fuck yeah! Go Tierra with your sexy ass!!! Love ya chick! – Snobby Alexa

  • don

    There is no comparison to Goddess Tierra. She turned me into a normal man with no fetishes into Her groveling moneyslave who is infatuated with Her gorgeous feet and toes. Don’t buy a clip or message Her and think you can just walk away, it doesn’t work that way. It works with you serving Her for the rest of your life. So proceed with extreme caution…you’ve been warned!

  • john

    her face doe. yea the body is CRAY-ZEE..but her face doe