Who's That Girl?
We end speculation and false reports and finally put a name to the beautiful lady in Drake’s latest clip.
Words Sean A. Malcolm
Images Sarah McColgan

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the July/August 2013 issue of XXL Magazine.

Call it a case of mistaken identity, but when Drake dropped the visuals for his “Started From The Bottom” single, the interwebs went H.A.M. trying to I.D. the buxom beauty being hit on by cashiers in a drugstore checkout line. Several online outlets—even XXLMag.com—misidentified her as the sexy Tassja Dawn, a previous Drake video vixen. So for the record, XXL would like to (correctly) introduce fans to Angelica Charrupi, the real eye-catcher in the single for Drizzy’s hit single directed by Director X.

“I had no idea this was going on,” the Colombia-born 24-year-old laughs. “It was fair to say that me and her had a bit of a resemblance, so I didn’t really mind. But to be honest, I’m glad they got the record straight.”

Now that that’s out the way, it’s time for a few tidbits on Ms. Charrupi. The voluptuous stunner calls Canada’s Hamilton, Ontario, her home. A newbie to the video world, Angelica has showcased her dynamite 36D-26-36 frame in just three videos so far—two for local startup acts (“Top It All” by JDRN and “Se Va” by Colombian group The R3alest) and then went big in Drake’s “Started From The Bottom.” And as an aspiring actress, Angelica would like to one day see herself on the silver screen, a dream role being “something along the lines of Tomb Raider,” she tells.

She might’ve started from the bottom, but we’ve got faith she’ll work her way to the top real fast.

XXL: How did you get casted for Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” video?
Angelica: I knew Director X for almost three years, so I was excited to finally work with him. The second day of shooting was the scene at the shopper’s drug mart, and at the time I was at school when I got a call from X asking me to be part of this scene. I decided to skip school. I’m glad I did. [Laughs]

Like in the video, do you get hit on at the checkout line regularly?
I think women are going to get hit on no matter where they are or where they go. I get hit on a lot, but I’m never rude about it. I take it as a compliment, if anything. Boys will be boys.

Even when those boys will call you straight gorgy while looking at your chest?
[Laughs] “You’re straight gorgy” will always stay with me. I get that all the time now, especially at my work. It’s a cuter way of saying you’re gorgeous, which I’m sure most women would appreciate.

Since you’re an aspiring actress, what does your ideal leading man have to embody in your personal life?

Growing up, I loved Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire. Did I mention I like vampires?

Well, now we know.
To be fair, a leading man doesn’t always have to be about looks but the talent they possess.