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Kristin Coral has been modeling for a while now, but as she grows and progresses into various other aspects of the music industry. She's blossoming into a colorful, and sexy, grown woman. In this interview, we talked about her new fitness regimen, misconceptions of urban models, and what advice she would give to an aspiring urban model.

— Bernadette Giacomazzo (@berngiacomazzo)

Measurements: 36-29-41





Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What do you do?

I'm still in the process of figuring out exactly who I am and what I do.  I was born in NY, live in the suburbs (Long Island) and my parents are both Ecuadorean.  You can catch me in videos with Red Cafe, French Montana, Kirko Bangz, Juelz Santana, 2 Chainz and Chinx Drugz.  People look at me and always think I'm Dominican or Puerto Rican.  I love it because there are very few Ecuadorean models in the game, leaving me all the room to make an impact.  I've been modeling for a year now but I have dreams of becoming an actress, on to the big screen.  I'm not built for a 9-5.


You post a lot of workout photos on your timeline. Tell us a little bit about your regimen.

There isn't much to say other than it's become a lifestyle.  My goal was to lose 5-10 pounds and "tone up" at first.  Now, I just take it day by day and push myself harder every time.  I wouldn't be where I'm at now if I didn't invest in a trainer that took me forever to find.  Irv is the man.  I find myself in the gym squatting 165lbs and leg pressing 550lbs.  Strong mind, stronger body.  Being in the zone is just a natural high.


Would you say it's more important to have a good diet, or a good workout regimen, in order to stay in shape?

I hate the word diet.  My trainer always says "it's not a diet, it's a meal plan" and I couldn't agree more. You can do all the crunches and ab workouts you want.  If you're not eating healthy or eating enough, you will never see the results you're looking for.  I've changed my eating habits and I make sure I eat a good breakfast EVERY single day.  Protein shakes are my thing too.  At the end of the day, it takes a training program that works for you and healthy eating to stay in shape.


What can we find you doing, when you're not modeling?

I do a little bit of everything.  This 9-5 won't last forever.  Some nights you can find me bartending and others you can find me doing random things.  There are a few things I absolutely love: reading, art, traveling, music and sports.  I like to escape reality and often times, I'm in my own world.  Music wise, I listen to everything from Dom Kennedy and Jay-Z to Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Sports are simply entertaining but I'm really into basketball, the Lakers in particular.


What would you say is the biggest misconception of urban models? Why do you feel people have those misconceptions? What are you doing to combat those misconceptions?

The biggest misconception of urban models is that they are all "video hoes."  I don't blame anyone but the models themselves and I'll tell you why.  Models are too caught up in trying to prove that they're better than their reputation.  You get your reputation through your actions and your lifestyle.  If you don't respect yourself you cannot demand the respect of others.  There's too many models putting themselves in the strip club every night and then attempting to wear the "classy" hat.  I'm not doing anything to combat those misconceptions except be myself.


If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring model, what would it be, and why?

My advice is to make sure you have a passion for whatever you decide to do.  Otherwise, it'll never work.  Pick up a book and discover new information.  My good friend Al wrote, "choose the road your heart says and float."  I read his book "Third's Eye View" and it inspired me to say the least.  You're only as strong as your mind allows you to be.