Tris comes to us from the Great White North–Toronto, Canada–and she's starting to make some waves on American shores. Recommended by Kevin Weekes, the G-Unit casting director, the thick'n'creamy Tris talks about her crush on 50 Cent, being a makeup artist, and her ultimate dream modeling job.

—Bernadette Giacomazzo (@bgiacomazzo)


How did you get your start in modeling?

I got my big start being cast as one of 50's Most Wanted by my amazing friend Mr. Kevin Weekes, who took a genuine interest in me. I have done a few things in Toronto hosting parties, a few flyers and a music video by Kevin Lyttle called "Turn Me On,"  which was directed by Little X. More recently, I've done a Toronto based urban online magazine called Ice Angels Mag.


What would you like to do, in modeling, that you haven't done as of yet?

What I would love to do, as of now, is to grace the cover of the top magazines out there. I'd like to experience walking down the runway at the Victoria Secret show like Ms. Tyra Banks. Being a VS angel wouldn't be bad at all.


Besides modeling, what are some of your hobbies?

People know me as someone that once had a dream of becoming a makeup artist to the stars. Jay Manuel was someone I've always wanted to work with. He's amazing. I have a passion for always wanting to bring the beauty out of people. I'm always trying to fix something on someone. I am also a reader. I'm reading this great book right now, by Louise L. Hay You Can Heal Your Life.  I enjoy traveling of course and lastly, I like meditation and yoga.


Who is your celebrity crush, and why?

Now, this is simple, although I wouldn't call it a "crush" but more of an admiration for this man that reminds me of myself in many ways. I never really took a liking to him at first because he was just another rapper to me. But a few years ago, I actually paid attention to this man in an interview and, being an observant soul, I realized he had a deeper side to him that I never saw before. I totally related to the fact that people misunderstood him as a person, because I live that all my life. We all know his work ethic is on point but because he felt the same way about feeding the hungry as I do, I was blown away by that and realized that there's no one else like this man around in this industry that I know of that has this passion to want to be the person that can change a life like this. I'll stop here and tell the world that Mr. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is my choice of celebrity that I look up too. I refuse to use the word "crush" because, as a female that is in this industry, it comes off as being a groupie...something I am not.


What does a man have to do to win your heart?

He has to be loyal, and consistent with his feelings and actions towards me. Considerate of my feelings always, be fearless in love, romantic and gentle. Try always to be honest with me. Communicate with me no matter what. Full attention is needed and never give any female a reason to think that they can have him and that our union isn't sealed tight. Respectful, genuine and loving to me and my daughter, Tokio. Poems are nice and I'm old school so I'm big on courting. He can't be an attention seeker. His aura, spirit and soul must be pure. Did I say romantic?


If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring model, what  would it be, and why?

Know yourself, because we all know, if you're a lost soul and don't understand yourself, how can you make it in this harsh industry? People will make you who they want you to be if you give them the knowledge that you are really just a pretty airhead. Listen to that intuition, it wasn't given to us to ignore.


How do you want people to remember you?

Being a genuine, beautiful person from within, who loves hard and would always try to make you happy. Trustworthy and loyal. Also, being the best mother, friend, wife (when that happens) and hopefully be a mentor to someone.