In all of my years in this industry, I've never seen a show end on a more depressing, predictable note as this one. It's a shame, really, because this season actually showed a lot of promise in the beginning.

So, let's get this pity party over with.

After a trip to the Dominican Republic, and a "romantic" getaway in the mountains, Tahiry and Joe decided to get back together. Ray Charles, blind and dead, could have seen this coming. Poor Kaylin, left out in the cold with nothing more to show for her efforts than a bunch of followers on Instagram, a few banana clips, and the nickname of "Young Ratchet" for the rest of her days. Rashidiah—a/k/a The Big Red Bull, Ronald McDonald—didn't approve of this coupling, but no one asked for her opinion anyway. Bye.

After her lipstick launch ended in a hail of fists—and the fight was better covered by TMZ—Erica and Rich are no longer together, personally or professionally. While I don't think that Rich and Tiffany will end up together, I do think that Olivia and Rich will end up together—eventually. Olivia is that cool chick that stays in the cut—she doesn't need to be young, fly, and flashy like these other birds out there. Rather, she knows that she's got the right stuff—even if Rich's dumb ass is too blinded by the young you-know-what of other chicks to see it now. (I can relate to this situation...) In the meantime, though, Rich and Erica ending things on all levels is best for all involved.

After, apparently, the closing on the McMansion in Franklin Lakes didn't go through (damn that indictment), Yandy is still staying up in the Bronx talking to Mandeecees on the phone as he fights Federal charges of inter-state trafficking. Unless he starts snitching (and we all know that's going to go over well...), he's looking at 20 years inside. And given that this is a Federal indictment, he's going to serve the whole bid. Awesome. Let this be a lesson to you aspiring drug dealers...stop dealing through the iPhone. Stop publicizing your travels all over social media. The Feds are watching.

Jen and Consequence ended the show as boring as ever. Hopefully they don't come back next season.

Raqi ended the show doing yoga, hoping to subsist off of sunshine and angel farts. Hopefully she doesn't come back next season (I was really, REALLY rooting for her...and she just didn't deliver. She came off as catty and unlikeable, and as Joe—correctly—said, the REAL Raqi is better than that.)

And as for Winter, Rashidiah, and Lore'l...they weren't there, and no one cares.

Now bring on "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta!” See you all in two weeks when it premieres. I promise it'll be worth it.