You ever notice how, in "real life," Angry Birds are all friends with each other, even though they have nothing in common but their hatred for one person? (That, and the claims that they have "haters," when they're not relevant enough–or make enough money– to have people to "hate" on them.)

Such is the case with Jen the Pen, Tahiry, and Rashidah, who have all decided to gang up on no less of a place than a classy event honoring Raqi as a prominent industry mover and shaker. Who knew that Raqi had her own fan club? Go ahead, girl!

So we have the Rashidah and her "$1,000 A Bundle" Weave (I still want receipts...), and the industry pop...all who claim that a woman who has an actual career in the industry has nothing better to do than to hate on their whining, hoodrat, run-through selves. And for all their claims that Raqi is nothing but a "low-quality human being" (this coming from Rashidah, whose quality reputation includes identity theft, assault, and the aforementioned Ronald McDonald weave), none of these three women have anything of real substance to offer either the world in general, or the industry in particular.

And Rashidah, especially, has to be the worst "cast member" in "Love & Hip-Hop" history. There is nothing–absolutely NOTHING–redeeming about her. She is a criminal. She has no legitimate job (the broke-down ShoeDazzle career doesn't count). She has a God-awful personality. In short, she is nothing but a walking stereotype–her claims of "value" include having filed her tax returns. (Congratulations–at least you can avoid a Federal want a reward for doing what you're supposed to have done? Oy.) This isn't a "love to hate her," as is the case of Erica Mena–this is just a contemptible, sorry excuse for a human being, let alone a sorry excuse for a woman.

Meanwhile, Consequence has decided to work with Lore'l, because he's a "connoisseur" of the "art form of hip-hop." I really wish that Consequence would stop lying to the masses, because anyone who can say–without a hint of irony–that "light skin is the right skin" is not someone who has any business speaking on the "art form of hip-hop." Does he think that Lore'l is the great savior of Women in Hip-Hop? May the Lord–or Allah, in this case–rest his brain, if so.

For her part, Olivia wasted NO time in letting Richard Dollaz know what a fool he was for thinking with the wrong head. Apparently, thinking that he was going to find the next J-Lo in Erica Mena, Richard was hesitant to let her go for good. But whatever Olivia didn't tell him about himself, Jewel (a/k/a Mama Dollaz) certainly did...and she brought the blog posts from Bossip AND Media Takeout as her proof! (You have to love the fact that Jewel's idea of political correctness includes informing her son that Erica is "limited." I love a woman that can be bitchy without being ratchet! Someone give Jewel her own show. Mona, are you reading this?)

Needless to say, this is the week that Olivia re-recorded the song that Erica made (cough) famous, "Where Do I Go From Here." My personal opinion? In terms of songwriting and song structure, the song is garbage. Aretha Franklin could record the song, and it would still sound like frogs mating in the Florida Everglades...during Hurricane Charlie. Yikes. Nevertheless, Olivia made it sound infinitely better than Erica ever did, which made Erica get all in her feelings, promising to get on the radio "regardless" (as if she has the kind of money required for payola these days).

Despite the fact that Yandy tried–in vain–to explain to her that she had no business getting a booking WITHOUT telling her manager...despite the fact that Erica REFUSES to show good faith and sign the contract with Dollaz Entertainment...and despite the fact that Richard isn't even giving her the (way too small–I read Funky Dineva's site, Richard...we know that's you!) D anymore...Erica still believes that she's winning. Never mind the fact that she claims to want a "family" if the son she cries about having to support doesn't count as her "family." I'm sure that's healthy for the kid to know as he gets older. Poor lil'Tink Tink.

And finally, next week, Tahiry talks about her Daddy issues...which just about sums up everything, doesn't it? Isn't that what all these ladies have, at the end of the day? Right.

Until next time, cats and kittens...–Bernadette Giacomazzo (@bgiacomazzo)