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Identical twins, Whitney Marie and Lauren Ashley, also known as “The Fairfax Twins,” are definitely worth a double take. Their rare half-Black and half-Indian mix provides quite an exotic look for the pair of "Blindian Princesses," who aspire to represent the new breed of ambitious girls proudly hailing from the DMV area. The Fairfax Twins, both proud alumni of hometown university, VCU, graduated with bachelor's degrees in human resource management and childhood education. Since finishing school a year ago, the 24-year-old 34D-26-36 measured beauties have begun making strides towards taking their modeling careers to the next level. XXL had the opportunity to chat with the duo to discuss the difficulties of chasing modeling dreams while balancing careers, the DMV, their college education, and much more. As the Fairfax Twins are well on their way to putting on for their city, remember where you were put on to the beauties first! —Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)

XXL: On your Facebook, it says you “want to be the new faces of Virginia,” can you explain that as an ultimate goal? What does that mean to you?

Whitney Marie: We want to be well known in the DMV area, we want to set the example and the standard. We just graduated with our bachelor's degrees, and now we want to get more focused with our modeling careers.

What were you majoring in?

Lauren Ashley: I majored in interdisciplinary studies, which is basically working in the education field. I also minored in psychology.

Whitney Marie: I was a business student. I majored in human resources.

Did y’all plan on following those career paths? And doing that long term?

Lauren Ashley: I actually work at an elementary school as a special-ed, para-professional. I definitely want to purse that route; become a teacher, and have my own classroom for second grade. That also brings up conflicting issues with modeling and being a teacher, so it’s hard.

Yeah, it might be hard for them to pay attention.

Both: [Laughs.]

Whitney Marie: I remember I was helping out as an assistant teacher, and this kid went up to me and said, “Hey Ms. Whitney, why are your boobs so big?”

When did you start taking modeling seriously?

Whitney Marie: We didn’t really take it that seriously in college, because we couldn’t, 'cause we were focusing on our classes. So right when we graduated we were like, “We really need to start taking this seriously.” It wasn’t that long ago, maybe a year ago.

Lauren Ashley: After we graduated, we were able to focus more on the business aspect of modeling, not just photo shoots; more networking and really talking to the photographers. Being with a photographer, and knowing more about their work. Most of them are like, “We’ll get you on the cover of this, this, that and third…” but we weren’t seeing any results. After we graduated, we grew and matured and started taking ourselves more seriously.

Whitney Marie: We definitely don’t want to be known as “The Facebook Twins.” We’re not taking pictures just to post on Facebook. We use Facebook just to show fans and friends our progression. We want to go further than that, with photo proof. We want it to be known that we’re on print, or we’re in a video.

Lauren Ashley: Speaking of print, for example, we’re finally in our first print magazine, Straight Stuntin’s September issue. Finally, we’re in something! Jet Magazine? They did not want us! We submitted our pictures three times. We weren’t the look they were going for.

Do you plan on representing the DMV, via just modeling? I know you host events. What else is it that you two do on the side?

Lauren Ashley: Our goals consist of modeling, and we are also interested in acting. Everyone who’s big and out there, represents where they’re from. So our goal is to represent Virginia, more specifically Fairfax, Virginia. That’s why we call ourselves the Fairfax Twins.

Whitney Marie: We also want to represent our ethnicity too; there are a lot of Indian models out there, but not that many Black and Indian.