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She's not Jessica Rabbit, but this steamy former Playboy bunny has a frame that would make Roger Rabbit go insane. The FHM and MAXIM model pens columns for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket and also does make-up and hair on the side. XXL got in touch with the stunning bunny and learned about her writing ambitions, her love of basketball and how she ended up being named one of Playboy's Croatian Playmates despite being born and raised in the US. — Valerie Bevilacqua (@valbevi)

On getting into modeling:


The story of starting is always a tricky thing to answer. Just because you're shooting pictures doesn't mean you're working towards you're goals. Many models think doing all these shoots can lead to something and they are almost always on a fast track to nowhere but a few Facebook comments on pretty images. I messed around doing the wrong thing for a few years while I was in college. After I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I moved to Los Angeles and the real work began! I have lived in LA two years now and (am) still working hard to get what I hope to achieve one day with modeling. Doing Playboy was a huge goal I had that I had to take many avenues to finally obtain. I had many doors closed on my face... And when that happens, I work hard to create new doors to the path I want. When I say I'll do something, I do it. I truly believe the only person who can stop you is you.

On Playboy Croatia:


I'm actually from Kansas and shot my pictorial in Los Angeles. The connection with Playboy Croatia is they liked the pictorial and used it for their magazine as Playmate. I hope to someday visit Croatia! As for all the European people tweeting me asking me things in languages using characters I can't make out, in addition to not speaking the language, I'm at a loss! I do love working with European and Latin Magazines, (I had an 11 page pictorial in Maxim in Latin America last year) and while there is a language barrier with the fans, I do appreciate the mail and enthusiasm the European and Latin readers have for my pictorials!

On her sex life:


Most everyone knows I'm a raging bisexual- that says it all, right? If I had to pick one turn-on in general, I would definitely say confidence and the way a person carries themselves. It’s very important to me that anyone trying to date me is the sort of person that will catch my attention without effort on their part.

On what makes her sexy:

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I think sexy is from within and is an outer embodiment of one's inner power. I love that I radiate and attract such interesting and diverse fans... If birds of a feather flock together, I can look at my friends and followers to know I'm a pretty cool girl! I have a college education, am a very perceptive woman, and am aware of what's going on in the world around me. In regards to my body I appreciate God giving me great eyes and eyelashes, specifically. My all-natural breasts have taken my glamour career to places I could never go without them, so to the boobs, I must give the greatest thanks!

On her writing ambitions:


I do not think I have worked to unlock my writing ability. Time is my biggest missing element. I am first and foremost a model, so, that demands most of my attention. I am looking forward to creating more time to balance writing and pressing for meatier content in my writings for Playboy! One great thing about the angle of my interviews is that I know the life of a model. Models each have different experiences but speaking in general, I can relate to the demands, expectations, stereotypes, etc that all models experience. Write about what you know and you will find writing is much easier and flows naturally. I would feel less comfortable interviewing, say, athletes, because I don't know enough about sports to carry on a conversation to match that of my subject.

On her favorite sport:


I love basketball. The NBA puts out more than athletes, they are celebrities and that's captivating to even young women who have limited appreciation for sports overall. Would I be super stoked to see the Lakers at the airport? YES! I am from Kansas and KU basketball is highly prized by the locals back home! My appreciation for basketball roots in Midwest local pride for Kansas University.

On her future goals:


I have modeling goals for 2012 which include more men's magazine features and modeling for many more lingerie catalogs. As far as writing, things are in the works for more girl columns! Yay! My own book? We will see where my career takes me, but a compilation of my life journey on paper? I don't know if the world is ready just yet but I think about the words on the invisible pages every day. It would be a good read, but only half way lived out- perhaps when I am older having covered more glorious ground to engage my readers.

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