Five Hottest K-Pop Female Rappers

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    Five Hottest Female K-Pop Rappers
    K-pop’s eminent rise in the global market has been <a href="">well documented</a>, and its style of pop music continues to garner fans across the world. But beneath the synchronized dance movements and colorful outfits, the genre has produced raw talents that are undeniably good, whether they’re under a mass-produced system or not. Hip-hop has always played a pivotal role in molding K-pop. The Korean genre's fashion style, choreography, and music all showcase heavy influence from rap and hip-hop that each idol group (a common trait in K-pop, where collection of talents debut as a unit rather than individually) has at least one member specializing in rap. With K-pop being the <a href="">talk of the town</a>, and notable figures such as Kanye West,, <a href="">Swizz Beatz</a>, and Diplo all praising the movement for its rapidly spreading global influence, <em>XXL</em> introduces K-pop's five hottest female rap acts. —<em>Jaeki Cho</em> (<a href="">@JaekiCho</a>)
  • Hyuna_4Minute_XXL
    HyunA of 4Minute
    A former member of the Wonder Girls, HyunA left the group reportedly due to a health disorder in ‘07. She made a comeback in ’09, however, with 4Minute, a five-member girl group, which has since gained moderate success. As a solo act, HyunA has amassed tremendous exposure, starting off with guest appearances on various albums, she has released several hit singles, most notably, “Bubble Pop,” which made <em>SPIN Magazine</em>’s “Best 20 Songs of 2011” list. While her rapping abilities are dubious, her consistent output as a well-rounded entertainer, including her performance on the now immensely popular “Gangnam Style” by Psy, keeps her an <em>extremely</em> hot commodity within K-pop.
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  • Minzy_2NE1_XXL (2)
    Minzy of 2NE1
    The youngest member of 2NE1, who’s known for her dancing abilities and cutesy antics, is also a standout vocalist/rapper with immense potential as a solo act. Minzy, who debuted at the young age of 15, has played a pivotal role alongside CL as a dominating force for the group’s stage presence with her attention-grabbing choreography, impressive singing, and occasional, yet very well executed, rapping. Even though she’s not a native English speaker, as a huge fan of hip-hop and R&B music, Minzy can recite various verses by Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Common and others. Plus, as a trainee under YG Family (one of Korea’s biggest record labels with its focus on hip-hop/R&B), she has all the rapper traits coordinated down to the smallest detail.
  • Minzy_2NE1_XXL
  • Yubin_Wonder Girls_XXL
    Yubin of Wonder Girls
    When Wonder Girls let go of its member HyunA, they found the perfect replacement with Yubin. The attractive 23-year-old first debuted with the girl group during the promo run of “Tell Me,” a pop phenomenon that took over Asia for most of 2007 and 2008. Since Yubin’s addition, Wonder Girls has molded its stylistic niche, and dropped many more successful singles including “So Hot,” “Nobody,” “Be My Baby,” and “Like This,” with Yubin’s rapping forte playing a crucial role in adding flavorful dosage of American-style braggadocio mixed with Korean-style sassiness. In addition to writing verses for the Wonder Girls, Yubin has also contributed as a guest performer on songs by Korean R&B stars such as Lee Min Woo and Kim Bum Soo, making her a respected talent in the realm of K-pop idols.
  • Yubin_Wonder Girls_XXL (2)
  • CL_2NE1_XXL
    CL of 2NE1
    The self-claimed, “Baddest Female,” boasts superstar qualities on all forefronts. As the leader of the popular girl group 2NE1, her distinctively boastful attitude, fluent rapping capabilities, and vocal strength make her a wunderkind in the K-pop genre. Versed in multiple languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and hint of French), with inquisitive attitude towards all things creative, her style and music choices have garnered praise from producers, Diplo, and Swizz Beats, as well as the flamboyant designer Jeremy Scott. A solo album from CL has been a subject of discussion since her debut, and both fans and critics wait for its release, patiently.
  • CL_2NE1_XXL
  • Tasha_XXL
    Tasha Reid a.k.a Yoon Mi-rae
    Revered as an R&B/hip-hop artist, not so much as a K-pop star, Tasha (known in Korea as Yoon Mi-rae) is often praised within the Korean music scene as the best rapper in the country, hands down. Debuted at the young age of 16, as a member of a hip-hop/pop group Uptown, Tasha soon excelled as a solo artist, releasing three successful R&B albums, and a highly-praised hip-hop effort called <em>Gemini</em>. The influence of her catalog remains relevant as all the artists on this list has at one point or another referenced her style. She has worked alongside American producer !llmind, and gained immense praise from R&B talents such as John Legend and Amerie. In 2007, she married Tiger JK, the country’s biggest rap superstar, and the couple has been affectionately referred to as Korea's Jay-Z and Beyonce.
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  • Steven

    “Hip-Hop on a higher level”, yea? The last thing any K-Pop fake knows how to do is rap. Step it up, XXL. My God!!

  • riinlove

    xxl finally showing love to international artist. We need more of this. Xxl needs a seperate section dedicated to international artist, alot of talent out there. Samurai champloo.

  • UnknownFact

    Hey! Great list indeed. I think, however, that e.via deserves a special mention. Check out this song:

  • hmm

    first time i’ve seen the word rapper in the same sentence as Minzy, also Yubin’s voice and flow is as good as it gets.

  • Rolo

    Wow, props to XXL for this. Mad random but dope.

  • michaela

    You forgot Miryo! :O
    I don’t think Tasha is KPop, either.

  • http://hotmail Paola


  • jackson

    Korean “rap” isn’t really modern rap as we think of it. They call it “dance rap” and think more long the lines of Heavy D in Now That We Found Love where they’re rapping along with the melody of a song rather than dictating the flow like American rappers.

    Today African American rap isn’t as diverse as it once was… think how different Sugarhill Gang was from Grandmaster Flash or Kurtis Blow. I’ve lived in Korea and it almost seems like they look/listen at old school rap more than what’s current because the musical sensibilities in the rap are more similar.

    Of course the language is completely different so that insists on a totally different cadence and flow as well.

  • Kristin Oldfather

    I think they were headed in the right direction but they definitely have missed some amazing Korean artists.

    E.Via –

    Yoon Mi Rae –
    Miryo –
    Outsider –

    Epik High –
    Drunken Tiger –
    MC Sniper –
    Dok2 –

  • Janee’

    How about you guys take out Hyuna & put in Brown Eyed Girls’ MIRYO. She is a beast. Hyuna is just here to pop her pussy.

    • Julleen

      awww, haters to the left please

    • fanizy

      hmmm… i’m not a fan of hyuna.. maybe she not the best of rap, but i think the list is about hottest, not best of rap..

    • charisse

      yeah I agree!where’s Miryo?Im a full blooded Blackjack(YG stan here),but honestly I think Miryo is better than CL(no offense)

  • RinHitokiri!

    I was going to protest if Yoon Mi Rae wasn’t on there!

  • fens


    • Julleen

      fastest rapper no doubt

  • Julleen

    Yoon Mirae is the best and shes a bomb ass singer!

  • qatar2022

    cl & minzy & tasha <3

  • littleaplle

    Yubin <3

  • LauRa Park

    I Love Yoon Mi Rae!!!! She’s The Best Rapper!!! I’m Blackjack, but I can’t compare Mi Rae with CL or Minzy and much less with the others female “rappers”… Tasha’s absolutely THE BEST!!!!


    Tasha and CL are definitely the best of the best

  • Myraland Nguyen

    Yoon Mirae really is the best female rapper, trumping all the others XD

  • jade

    Miryo’s missing, that’s a shame.

  • Yessi

    Yubin &
    Mi Rae

  • renee

    Yea I agree with Yoon Mirae… but Hyuna and Minzy… there are other out there better than these two.

  • icecircus

    Tara Reid is the queen of rap.

  • Pookjjang

    Yubin HyunA <3

  • NaLyah PanGandaman

    cL is the best!

  • W-Rain

    Yeah. In someways Miryo is better than HyunA but hey! This is not a contest about who’s better in rapping. Unlike Miryo, HyunA is one of those rappers who sound different. Well Miryo is great in rapping but for me she sounds like the other ones. For those who call her “She is just popping her booty/pussy” well at least she can. And Sooo Sorry for your idols maybe they dont have the “Umpph” that these Girls have.

  • Vanessa

    Yess!! Yoon Mi Rae is making her American debut soon!! <3

  • 2NE1


  • JV

    You missed Shim Mina and her Hot sister, what a shame

  • Miryo Andaya

    this is a bullshit, female rapper without miryo is like a hell… miryo is better than all..

  • FaithAngel

    agree with the poll!!! tasha at #1, CL’s next..

  • Màriàh Blààck-Chiicàhh

    CCCCLLLL The Best Eveeeeeeeeeeer <3

  • blah

    take out hyuna for sure. I like her but she hasn’t shown any skill of being a rapper.

    What about RIMI? or MIRYO??? HELOOOOO?!

  • Nicole

    SUPER LOVE CL 2NE1 ;))