There's just something about beautiful women with accents. UK model Carmel Candy’s sultry British twang sounded lovely via Skype when she connected with XXL from across the pond earlier this month. But it’s really Carmel's sweet curves that could make her stand out in any international setting. The Manchester, England-native came to New York at 19 to pursue a career in urban modeling and hasn’t looked back since. XXL got the former KING magazine girl to explain the differences between US and UK men and to tell about her awkward club encounter with Kanye West. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

Getting in the game:

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Carmel Candy:When I was trying to figure out where to start the modeling. I'd already been to New York, so i thought I'd go back. And because I knew where everything was and how the underground worked and everything. I'd been doing it about just over a year.

XXL: When did you decide you wanted to be a model?

I saw a program on TV. It's like a BBC documentary about the urban (modeling life). So, I decided to set up my own photoshoot, sent pictures to agents in America and got a good response. So, that's why I go, I'll give this a try... It's hard to make connections when you come to a city and you don't know anybody. But I think I worm my way in there (laughs). It was quite easy for me. People like the accent. Obviously, you know they see me with the big ass so they wanna talk to me. That helps.

The biggest difference between British and American men:


The guys, they play very hard to get over here. They don't want to show you they like you. Where I feel American men, they're really thirsty. In general. They come on harder.

XXL: Who do you prefer?

I would say a mix of both. Because a bit too much of both is too much. You don't want to be chasing these men in England because why should you have to chase them? But sometimes when a guy is coming on too hard it's a turn off. So I'd say a mix of both is good.

UK vs. US: Who has better food?

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We have good pub food. A pub is like where you go and you have beers, you pour pints. We have pub food and it's like lasagna. But some days in there we have a good breakfast. But American food is not really healthy to me, a lot of fried fast food stuff. But there's also a lot of Spanish food, Italian, so I think America is a fusion of many different cultures. And where I was living, I was living in Washington Heights, it's a very Dominican area so I was eating Spanish food every day, which was really nice.

New York City vs. London:

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It's easily New York. Because you go out in new york, and you're in the club, and oh, there's Kanye West. Or, there's Jay-Z and Beyonce and you're like, whaaaa?!? This can not be happening! You run into a sports player. There's so many more things that are happening in New York, there's so many more connections, it's just better as a whole, generally.

On Running Into Kanye:

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(Laughs) OK so, I had this freak-um dress on, like is was looking hot. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, because I was by myself, "Oh would you like to come and join us for some drinks?" I said, "Yeah cool," I didn't know who they were. They said, "Oh, Kanye West wants to meet you." I was like, "Not me!" So I went over and he was talking to somebody. And they were like, "just poke him." I was like, "No, I'll wait til he's finished!" I said, "Hi Kanye, nice to meet you, my name's Candy." And he's like, [Carmel laughs like Beavis and Butt-head]. He was just really shy. It was a bit awkward for a few seconds and then the guy tapped me on my shoulder and said, oh can you give us a few minutes... He was really shy and I think because I look Spanish I think he didn't expect me to have an English accent. A lot of people think that I'm even putting the accent on. People are very confuse when they talk to me. He was just really shy and intimidated and I'm like, very confident, and I don't think he knew what to do... Yeah, you think like in his songs, the way he speaks he's confident with women, but actually he isn't.

How do you feel about him and Kim?

Oh I'm so jealous! That was supposed to be me (laughs).

Her Real Celebrity Crush:

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I really like J. Cole. He's sexual. (laughs) He's cool, I really like his album. Looking forward to some new music.