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Living in Las Vegas has shown Yasmeen Sincere (@yasmeen_sincere) just how much she differs from the average Sin City resident. After growing up in Southfield, Michigan, Yasmeen moved to Las Vegas eight years ago as a teen and grew to realize that her genuine personality was a rarity in the Devil's playground. Now that she's wise to all of her hometown's tricks and treats, Yasmeen is using modeling as a stepping-stone for her greater ambitions. From mentoring young women with self-esteem issues to studying business administration, finance and physical therapy, the angelic beauty with devilish curves wants to make a positive difference. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

On how she got her name:

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I got my name for my personality. My friends and everybody that knows me knows me as a very sincere, genuine person. I’m not really blunt, but when I say something it’s real and it is what it is. It’s very direct. Me and my siblings were just raised like that. Like, it is what it is, say what you mean and mean what you say and stick with it. Know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it and at the end of the day let that be that.

On spreading positivity:

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I research physical therapy, remobilization for people who are paralyzed or are in an accident and can’t walk or can’t move. It’s basically helping build the body back to a strong state and also a strong state of mind because you have to be a strong-minded person to get through something like that. I feel like I have this gift where I can speak positivity on to someone. I have a personality where I’m very positive and I really try to turn all of the negative things into a positive.

On "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas:"

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It’s for real. People come out here from all over the world and they really follow that rule. It’s an eye-opener living in Vegas. You see a lot of things that you thought was unreal, and it’s real. You have to be a strong-minded person to really survive in Vegas. The city’s not for the weak. That’s what I’ve grown up to learn. You’re gonna be weak or strong… Vegas can either show you your true colors, or Vegas can show you how you differ from others. And I think Vegas shows at least 90% of peoples’ true colors when they come out here. They wilding out, doing something they not supposed to be doin.

On crazy Vegas nights:

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I work at one of the casinos on the graveyard shift… I saw one girl coming down the hallway and she was hooking up with guys on the way to her room. And she stopped at one of the tables where you play blackjack right in front of me and she was making out with this guy for like 20 minutes. And he was like rubbing on her, like rubbing on her. They didn’t know each other or nothing and he left and was like trying to get her to come up to the room… [Story continued on next slide]

On crazy Vegas nights:

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[Continued from last slide] ...Her friend was being a friend and was like, “No, she’s OK. We’ll just go our way, if you want you can leave her your number and she can call you in the morning.” I guess he got mad and left or whatever, and the girl popped squat in the middle of the floor and started rubbing herself. She only did it for like a minute, but she really popped that squat and started rubbing herself. Panties out, legs open, I was just like, “Wow, is this really what it’s about these days.”

On picking up physical therapy:

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My interest in physical therapy actually came from massage therapy. I was actually gonna go to school for a trade for massage therapy and then the funny thing is I found out you’ve got to rub peoples’ feet. I know you have to do that as a physically therapist when you’re just kind of an assistant, but when you’re the head physical therapist you don’t have to do that stuff (laughs). And I have like a feet phobia— I hate feet. My sister was like, “If you go for massage therapy you’re gonna have to rub peoples’ feet.” I was like, “Ahhh! I can’t do it!”