With memorable appearances in magazines (AsIs, Smooth Girl, Straight Stuntin') and videos (50 Cent's "Put Your Hands Up") under her belt, self-proclaimed "alien on the rise" Egypt Salinda is this week's Web Candy of the Week.XXL spoke with the half-Latina, half-Egyptian Pennsylvania native about her accomplishments, her experiences and what she hopes to ultimately achieve in her career. — Bernadette Giacomazzo (@bgiacomazzo)

On her first ever shoot, with Lloyd Banks


Banks is the kind of guy that is very non-chalant & very down-to-earth. This was my first professional shoot as an adult -- when I was younger, I had modeled for catalogues, like the JC Penney catalogue, but I hadn't done it as an adult prior to this shoot -- and he was kind enough to give me some pointers & suggestions. Not only that, but he smelled amazing. Even though we didn't keep in touch after the shoot, he was a great guy to work with.

On being in 50 Cent's "Put Your Hands Up" video:


There were so many people at the shoot, and there were so many girls that were just dying to be seen. But what was nice was, 50 Cent knows me -- I was actually formally introduced to him prior to the shoot -- and he personally came out to greet me. So, I had a really good experience.

On her aspirations:


Right now, I'm focused on building my non-profit organization for kids in Reading, PA. Specifically, I want to focus on the after-school aspect of the program. But beyond that, I want to shift my focus more into acting, tours, & Broadway... I'm not afraid to be "me." I'm not afraid to break out of the typical "urban model" mold -- there's much more to Egypt Selinda than being a model. I'm not "one-track minded" — I have a story that is very universal, and I'm very much someone that wants the same thing that every other woman wants: to love, and to be loved.

On her favorite shoot ever:


That would have to be the shoot that I did with Wilhemina Models -- it was a campaign I did with, and for, Louboutin. They tied me up to look like I was playing "dead" -- it had a very "dominatrix-light" edge to it, which was more in line with my personality. It was nice, too, to step out of the "urban" scene with that shoot.

Lessons learned from the industry:


There are a lot of "frien-emies" in the industry. There are a lot of people that claim to be your friend, but only want what they can get out of you. There are also a lot of people that claim to have connections, when what they really want is to know what they can get out of you to get those connections. For example, there was a guy -- I'm not going to name names -- but he promised to give me a feature in his magazine if I "did him some favors" of a sexual nature. Needless to say, I turned him down -- and a year later, I got an offer to be featured in the magazine, no sexual favors required. So, I would also say that I learned that even though it takes longer to achieve your goals by not compromising your standards, maintaining your dignity is worth it.