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Keeping up with Leena Geeter is a tall task. The seasoned runway model and aspiring journalist has visited every state in the continental U.S. through her work and now has her eyes set on a global takeover. A San Francisco native, Geeter is currently studying journalism in Colorado while continuing to pursue opportunities in modeling and hosting. Her current gig with IconicItv.com has the 5’11 Geeter hosting both radio and video segments for the fashion and entertainment news site. XXL spoke with versatile beauty to learn more about her many ambitions and to get details on her recent birthday getaway to Miami. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

XXLmag.com: We’re talking the morning after your birthday, how are you holding up?

Leena Geeter: I’m over here recovering but I’m good.

How did you celebrate?

Oh, I just went out with some girlfriends. Just went downtown and stuff… Just being around the people that I love, of course. Just going out and doing great things. Really when we went to Miami (last week) was more of the birthday thing, so when the birthday actually came (this weekend) it was a little more subtle than how we usually do it up.

As long as you had a good time.

I had all of my friends, from girls I grew up with or met along the way, we’re all mutual friends. Everybody met there. We had girls coming from everywhere there. We had a good time, a good eight of us. Eight girlfriends and we just met up there and partied up. That was the gift [laughs].

Your Twitter bio says your location is all over the world.

I like to travel around. My favorite place to go is really like any big city. I’ve been everywhere in the U.S. except for Hawaii and Alaska so I’ve got a feel for everywhere. It really is just like cities, I’m a city girl. Plus, I always have love for California because that’s where I’m from. But I’m diverse, I can be in California then I can turn around and be in New York. Go to Atlanta, go to Miami— you know. Anywhere that’s a big city where things are happening. I really like the diversity of big cities, you can see different people. And I’m definitely about the fashion, so anywhere you can go and see premier clothing, I’m about that as well.

Have you been out of the country?

I’ve never been out of the country, yet, I’ve only been in the U.S. And I’ve seen all of that so it’s time to venture out… It just ended up happening. When I was touring and stuff for Ebony fashion fair, they brought upon a lot of that because you’re moving around constantly, like, all the time.

What’s your ultimate goal with journalism?

I wanna write for a magazine. So, I either want to do like fashion and beauty magazines or music magazines. I want to write for them, do articles, interviews with artists, that kind of thing.

Is there anything else besides that and modeling that’s keeping your attention?

That’s pretty much what I’m focusing on. I blog, I’m trying to focus on the writing thing. I also do a lot of make-up art. I’m pretty good at doing people’s make-up. But mostly the modeling stuff and writing, anything kind of centered around any of that stuff is what I’m involved in.

What’s the purpose of your Tumblr?

The blog kind of is just a little bit of me. It talks about everything that I love. I have a lot of music and stuff on their. It has Chris Brown a lot because I like Chris Brown. And it has whatever I’m feeling or thinking. If I hear a song and I’m feeling it, I’m like, “Hey guys, have you seen this video?...” I really don’t do like trash-talking or anything about anybody. It’s more like, “You guys saw this? Check this out.” It’s more on the positive tip, it will have little stuff that I want people to check out on there. Or little updates of what I have going on.

What else do want to do down the road?

As far as TV, I would love to host other things. It could be a wide-range of stuff from something simple like hosting a reality show, or on the flipside hosting red carpet events. Just a wide range of stuff, it really doesn’t have to be narrowed down… I think I would be comfortable with everything.

You’ve been a runway model since you were a teenager, why have you stuck with it?

It’s something that you know. I know I know how to do that. When people kind of figure out their natural skill, like… This is my home. I know I know how to walk down a freaking runway and walk back. So the confidence will come out there because it’s like, this is my area, I know what I’m doing. It’s something you’ve gotta love or it’s probably not gonna work out.