From being called a bully to being the center of a boycott to get Basketball Wives off the air, Evelyn Lozada has been more than publicly slandered for the aggressive nature she portrays on the reality show. But the 36-year-old Puerto Rican by way of the Bronx, New York, isn't dwelling on the negative feedback. Taking full responsibility for her actions and hoping to learn to control her temper a bit better moving forward, Mrs. Chad Ochocinco says there's so much more about her personality that people don't get to see on TV—and XXL was privy to this.

During a phone conversation with Good Life, Lozada discussed her million and one side ventures, which include a cosmetics line, a jewelry line, a clothing store and her first novel, Inner Circle, which will be released through Cash Money Content on Tuesday (June 12), among many other things. Now, factor this.—Mariel Concepcion (@Mceezy)

Good Life: First off, tell me about your book, Inner Circle? How did the idea come about to pen a book and what is it about?

Evelyn Lozada: The idea for the book came about... I had these journals when I was in my previous relationship, and when I was moving out I found them and I started reading them. Everything in them wasn’t negative— there were some good things in there, but to read it and relive those moment, I was like, this is pretty good. I connected with [author] Courtney Parker and she helped me write the book, which we decided to make novels. I feel like not only have I been in that [sports] world so long, I have a lot of girlfriends and family members that are in the same world, and to be able to show an inside perspective is pretty therapeutic. [The book is based on] real life experiences with fiction. You wont know what is Evelyn, but you will wonder.

What was the process of putting this book together like and how long did it take?

Oh, man. It was sitting there, reading journals and sharing stories, and then having Courtney add her twist. I probably started this whole process with her last season, so it took a good eight months, almost a year. It definitely a while. We didn’t want to rush it, we wanted to make sure it was good but that definitely required a lot of late night conversations.

How and when did you come about with a book deal with Cash Money and can you break down what kinda deal it is?

It’s a series of three books. I'm good friends with Teresa Caldwell, who is Bow Wow’s mom and manager, and her and I were talking about the journals. She said, 'Let me talk to Baby,' 'cause you know her son is signed to his label and that’s how it came about. They had a convo about it. I had a few other deals on the table but when this one came about, I mean, Cash Money,—everything they touch turns to gold and they are supportive of each other. I feel good about this situation, you know?

Definitely. Inner Circle is part of The Wives Association series. Are you already working on the next installation? And, if so, when can fans expect that?

I just recently started working on it because this book took a while. I’m filming two shows and have a million and one things going on, so we just started working on it and I don't want to give away to much about it just yet.

You've gotten crucified in the media for being a bad representation of women, minority women, on television. But, the truth is you're a lot more than just a hot head and the book is a perfect example. Tell me about your other side ventures?

Let me just say first, all these other side gigs are things I love. Of course, when you’re doing shows you get all these offers, but I don’t agree to just do anything. From season one, my earrings were big deal and it became big thing. So after the first season, in the second season, I started my first earring jewelry line which did very well. Now I have a new line coming out of pigment. Pigments are like glitter for your eyes, and I love it! I took a chance and wore the lime green color on the show once and that could've been a hit or big fail. But, it was a big hit. So, I was like, aside from eye shadow and blush, I want my own line of pigment, 'cause if you put it on the right way it looks great. There's also my tee shirts with my little sayings on them, and I'm also working on a line of maxi dresses. You can find everything on

Will you be going on a book tour?

Yes, I start a book tour next week. The first date is going to be in the Bronx at Barnes and Noble.