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A jack-of-all-trades can come in any color, weight or height. Dominican Dream happens to be an alluringly curvy model who measures in at just under 4'10. But she's never let her small stature prevent her from reaching her goals. Hailing from Winchester, VA, the trilingual temptress is a senior in college who plays piano between finishing up her studies. And she does it all while substitute teaching and pursuing acting and modeling jobs. Casting directors should know, however, that this heavenly hustler is not willing to compromise herself or obtain “fake body parts,” like some of her competitors. got a hold of Dream during one of her few free moments and discussed her alias, goals and more. – Christopher Minaya (@CM_3) What led you to choose the name Dominican Dream?
Dominican Dream: Well, of course, my heritage was an inspiration for that, and it’s actually kind of funny because there’s a song by The-Dream, who’s my favorite artist, called “Fancy” and there’s a line in the song that says, “She’s the dream of a billion men.” And, that just kind of inspired me.

How can a man irritate you enough to turn you into a nightmare?
Oh man. Ignoring me. I hate being ignored. Like, I start to get pissed to the point of just throwing things; I’ll provoke you, that way I can get a response ‘cause I hate being ignored.

What are your dreams?
Right now, I’m studying education because I love kids. I hope to be able to inspire underprivileged children one day. But, one of, I guess, more unrealistic dreams would be to be on TV. I’m actually in the middle of this casting project for this show that’s kind of in the making (by) the people who produced the Jersey Shore.

You're a teacher, right?
Yeah, I substitute teach now, mostly elementary school so far. The other day I was a librarian; that was interesting because nobody took me seriously. One of the kids actually called me “Biggie Smalls” because they were taller than me; they were in fourth grade, so it’s funny because I have infinite patience with kids. It’s just been an eye-opening experience so far.

Are you interested in being in music videos?
It would really depend on the type of video; I’m not trying to be necessarily in a purely ass-shaking video. I’m trying to grow out of that whole stage, and I feel like I would just blend in with everyone else who does whatever for a buck. I can dance my ass off, but I feel like what separates you from other people is how you pick and choose to do things.

You and Wale have a connection because you're both from the DMV. Which of his tracks best describe you? For example, “Lotus Flower Bomb,””Illest Bitch,” “Focused,” etc.
It’s “Ambition” because there’s nothing that can stop me from my goals. I work hard, and I’m really good at networking. I feel like if you’re ambitious enough, you can make connections anywhere; you just have to be open to it.

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