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If you woke up from a Saturday afternoon nap to an e-mail about a pool party at Joe Budden's crib, you'd probably have trouble rolling over and going back to sleep, too. When King Magazine capo Sean Malcolm hit me this past Saturday with the details for he and Joey's spontaneous poolside celebration (The occasion? 2012's first 80-degree day, of course) my only concern was getting out to Jersey's boondocks before the fun was done. By the time me and my homie Kelz arrived, the sun was setting but the party was far from over. Most of the night's events will have to remain private, but I was able to snap a few non-incriminating pics and chop it up with some of the beautiful ladies and major players who stopped by. Luckily, Joey was able to capture the rest of the madness on his Instagram (see the gallery above). If this is a sign of things to come, it's gonna be a long hot summer. — Calvin Stovall (@calvinstovall)

YouHeardThatNew.com mastermind Low Key held things down on the grill while Joey got his Principal Joe Clark on and made announcements on his trustee megaphone. He didn't demand that all of the ladies remove their swimsuits expeditiously, but he did have to use the megaphone to ask everyone to keep it down and remember to close his gate because he has "large animals and white neighbors."

VADO posted up by the pool to take in the sights on the warm Saturday evening.

Sean Malcolm living a KING's lifestyle with Rosee and Stephanie Santiago.

The U.K.'s Carmel Candy and NYC's Ms. Lola Jose chill by the gazebo as things wind down.