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    Rappers love Keisha's. Whether it's Lil Wayne making clever quips about Keyshia Cole on "Barry Bonds" or Kendrick Lamar telling the story of a lost young lady on "Keisha's Song", MC's have been dropping the name in their rhymes for years. To celebrate Cash Out's smash "Cashin' Out" (which brilliantly uses Keisha to refer to both weed and a woman in the same bar) hitting #1 on the Billboard charts we collected our 16 favorite bars mentioning the name Keisha and paired them with 16 sexy pics of Eye Candy Keyshia Dior. Bet this 16 is the hottest verse you click on all day.
  • 5319782139_8b79a55720
    Cash Out, "Cashing Out" (2012)
    “36 O’s ho, riding round with that Nina/Ridin’ with a ho named Keisha smokin’ on Keisha”
  • 5320382610_43cbbd6021_b
    Kanye West, "Kinda Like a Big Deal" (2009)
    "Hit high school and got pregnant dumb fast/What happened Keisha? Your boyfriend cum fast?"
  • aquare_ani_keyshiaDior
    Future, "Racks" (2011)
    "Got Keisha, Pam & Nicki they all wanna do a Minaj."
  • KC-5
    Lil Wayne, "Barry Bonds" (2007)
    “And my drink’s still pinker than the Easter rabbit/And I’m still Cole like Keyshia’s family.”
  • keyshia_dior_19
    50 Cent, "Do You Think About Me" (2010)
    "Think about Easter when I think about Keyshia/Shorty stay fly, that's why I keep her."
  • keyshia_dior_58
    Lil' Boosie, "Undeniable Talent"
    "Looking like a kingpin, jewelry like Slick Rick/Keyshia Cole seen me, she said "Boosie that's too much.""
  • keyshia_dior_391
    Childish Gambino "We Flexin"
    "Acid, do we have to tell 'em so?/Keysha got me percocets I'm chillin' and it's hella dope"
  • keyshia-dior-sge-009
    "Lampin' on the island jus to see a decent tan/So have my money in total "Kima Keisha Pam"
  • keyshia-dior-sge-0011
    Diddy "Coming Home"
    "They're talking to me, when it comes on/Another day, another dawn/Another Keisha, nice to meet ya"
  • keyshia-dior-sge-012
    Lil Wayne "Dick Pleaser"
    "I gotta bitch named Keisha, she a real dick pleaser/But shawty from Cuba still workin' on a Visa"
  • keyshia-dior-sge-014
    Fabolous "Swag Champ"
    "No discrimination, I will still sweat your sexy out/Like ‘em with that Keisha ass, but gotta have that Becky mouth"
  • tumblr_ljf2fwyPC31qh54fjo1_500
    Kendrick Lamar, "Keisha's Song" (2011)
    "Ten months before she was ten he moved in and that's when he touched her/This muthafucka is the fucking reason why Keisha rushing through that."
  • keyshia-dior-sge-015
    Lil Wayne "Break Up"
    "Glocks like police, pumps like fenas/This beat getting totalled, Pam, Keisha, Kima"
  • keyshia-dior-yohance-9
    Lil Wayne "30 Minutes To New Orleans"
    "All the Keishas, replying to the Kims/Still knockin' boots like hammers on Timbs"
  • vixens1952-keyshia-dior
    Cam'ron "Daydreamin"
    "I argue with Keisha, I ain't like that girl/You jumped right out the car, to fight that girl"

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