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Kandice Kandy is a tatted-up budtender who believes that “just because you don’t finish school doesn’t mean you’re not educated.” What more do you need to know? Read XXLmag.com‘s conversation with the Cali-bred beauty to find out. — Calvin Stovall (@calvinstovall)

Location: California
Ethnicity: Haitian/German
Height: 5’6″ 1/2
Weight: 125
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown

XXLmag.com: Modeling isn’t your only hustle. What else do you do?

Kandice Kandy: I work at DTLAC, LA Collective. It’s, like, where you pick up your weed. Like I’m a budtender— I serve weed to people.

How did you hook that up?

You just apply. Like, you have to be a patient, though. You have to have you license. It’s real laidback, it’s real chill. I’m familiar with marijuana and all the different strands and all that.

A license to buy?

I just got it so I can just have it on me and not get in trouble for it .It was so easy to get it in my hometown. It was real simple, so I go, “Why not?’ You can just get cute and say, “I can’t sleep at night” to get a license for weed.

What is your hometown?

I’m born and raised in Stockton, CA… It’s pretty rough. You can kind of put it in a similarity to Oakland. But it’s smaller… It wasn’t about your looks (with all) girls, some girls that’s how they’re raised. But I wasn’t raised like that. It was more about what you know and how you carry yourself, you know what I mean? Your brains, and how you can achieve and develop in life is more important than being cute. Because you can be cute all day and worth nothing. So you never wanna be cute and not worth anything.

When did you get into modeling?

The modeling thing, I just kind of started taking pictures. I’ve always watched Top Model. Back when I was 16 I had all that “baby phat.” I was a little thick. So at 16, 17 as a female, you start realizing, “OK. I’m a woman.” You start wanting to know your sex appeal… The first time I really hopped in front of the camera and started really trying the whole model thing was when I was 18. I don’t know, I just kind of went for it. I had an idea of how I wanted to look, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to be behind the lens. I kind of went to a basic studio.

Were you happy with the first pics you took?

I’ve always been comfortable with my body just growing up in different homes. I lived with my cousin and his wife was very, very open at that age to sexuality… So living with her, I was like 13, 14… She was like the type to do random shit. Be in like a bra or her draws and like run around the house. So I’ve always been comfortable with my body.

Who has encouraged you to go on with it?

My best friend, she was the one that really was like, “You look pretty good for your first time. Maybe you should try it again.”

What’s your ultimate goal?

I’m not gon lie to you, acting would be the top. And it’s not just any typical acting, I’m talking about crossover acting. Really landing in a good role. Even if it takes me to have to cover up my tattoos to portray someone, I wanna be able to crossover. You know what I mean?

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