#Sincerely Isyss_415

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair: Brown/Black
Eyes: Light brown
Measurements: 36B-28-48

Philly native Isyss took a lot from her time in the U.S. Military. All that physical training helped mold her jaw-dropping physique and her time served earned her money for medical school. But the most notable thing the third-year student of nuclear medicine got out of the military experience may be her bossy attitude. Developed out of necessity in the field, she now uses it to drive her 40,000 Twitter followers wild. XXLmag.com talked with the quick-witted beauty about tramp stamps, her hate for weaves and the struggles of being a beautiful woman in the military. Attention! — Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)

Your current name on Twitter is FuqU&YoRatchetAzzWig… Care to explain?

(Laughs) I have this strong dislike for wigs. I don’t know what it is, I just find them funny. That and lace fronts just make me giggle. So I take it on my Twitter… I can’t stand ‘em. I like extensions, like not so noticeable ones, not the ones that can be snatched off and swung around (laughs).

Does this strong hate of wigs go back to your childhood or something?

No, they’re just funny lookin’. Like I just hate obvious things. I believe if you’re gonna make a weave, try to make it blend. And it really hit the fan when I started seein these lace fronts. Like, oh my God, it rocks my world. And the ones with the baby hair— Who are you trying to fool?

You have some nice tats, when did you get your first one?

Oh my God [I got my first tat] when I was still in high school. My homegirl went to the tattoo shop where her brother worked at and I went with her. He was like, “You want a tattoo?” So right off the jump I had to think of something. It ended up being the most stupid, common tattoo ever. I got a tramp stamp (of) my name on my lower back… It’s that tattoo I regret the most. It was so dumb and basic… like, really bitch? You couldn’t think of nothing else?

What was it like being a beautiful woman in the military?

It was um, challenging. Being pretty, I was hated a lot, but I got away with a whole bunch. I can’t say it ain’t have its perks. When we were supposed to be doing hikes and everything, I was definitely one of the ones being drove in the van cause I was “sick.” I can’t say that I was quite the trooper. I was a little bitch, I was crying I was complaining. I kept getting in trouble for wearing make-up to formation. We’re not allowed to wear make-up. I was just like, “I’m not gonna lose my femininity because they want me to be a freakin’ guy.” So I came with eyeliner on and lip gloss and they’d make me do my push-ups and I was like, shit it’s worth it. I ain’t gon’ be lookin’ like these raggedy asses. We made a way.

Speaking of maintaining your femininity, how did you deal with sexual frustration in the service?

I was too busy. They kept us busy, so it wasn’t no time to really think about that. Well, not for me. I was straight, I didn’t have any urges.

How did your time in the military change you?

I went overseas like a chunky-dunk (laughs). I was fat, I went over there and got fine and came back feeling myself. I was like, “Damn, I needa do a photoshoot.” My very first shoot got published and— the attention went to my head… Besides me being completely lazy and them forcing me to get out of that state of mind, it was (also) the discipline (that changed me). They conditioned me to be on time, and now being late, it irks my soul. I have to have a schedule, I have to have precise directions, everything has to be on point or it bothers me… It’s a little annoying to other people but I’m organized.

Organization is good…

The thing about it is, you come out a little bossy. You tend to start to dictate. I found myself starting to do that to my friends… At times I tend to be the ringleader of my friends. It’s good when we organizing trips, but not when we’re trying to go to the club and I’m sitting there telling them to line up and checking their outfits out (laughs).

Are you equally bossy in the bedroom?

No. Actually, when it comes to that, I’m more the submissive. I would prefer that. I’ll try my luck with being bossy, and if I succeed then I lose interest in the guy. If they allow me to do what I’m trying to do, then they’re not for me. I’ll test a guy just to see if they’ll be my do-boy— if they’ll let me get away with everything. And I tend not to like that. But I’ll try you!

(Laughs) “Do-boy?”

(Laughs) Yeah, “do what I say,” boy.