Stephanie Tejada Doesn’t Play Around

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Stephanie Tejada was driving home from a video shoot when she spoke with XXL for her Web Candy of the Week interview. Everything was going smoothly until loud police sirens cut one of her responses short. From our end, it sounded like the daughter of Puerto Rican and Guatemalan parents was caught up in a high-speed police chase after a cop saw her talking on the phone while driving. Things got real for a second, but the New Rochelle, NY native played it cool and got right back to telling about her Marvel vs. Capcom skills, how she got fired from her office job when her boss saw her modeling pictures and the night she and her homie Evelyn (who happened to be riding shotgun) found out they shared a very special talent—Let’s just say a Rosa Acosta comparison wouldn’t be a stretch. — Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)

Location: Orlando, FL
Height: 5’5
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Black, brown
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 34,36,38 Your bio says you’re a dancer. What kind?

Stephanie Tejada: I do Go-Go dancing, like nightclubs. It’s a lot of fun, I love Go-Go dancing. It’s not stripping, like a lot of people get mixed up. I got into it (because) somebody actually saw my pictures on Facebook. They were like, “Oh, you have a really nice look would you be interested in Go-Go dancing?” I thought it was stripping, but when they explained what it was I was like, “Oh shit, you can get paid for that?”

How’d they sell it to you?

They told me what it is is there’s dancers on the podium or the stage and you do about 20 minute sets and you get a flat rate of either $100 or $150. And you make tips. It’s freestyle dancing.

So you get paid to stand above everybody and show them how to have a good time?

Exactly. I love it. When I started, I was making so much money that other girls were mad because they didn’t understand it.

How else are you getting money?

I do administrative assisting and accounting for various companies. I was (recently) working with this one advertising company and I actually got fired. Somebody’s freaking grandma— because I always work with old ladies— decided to Google me and took it upon her self to show pictures to the boss. And they did not approve, clearly… It’s crazy because that’s when I was doing so good, they really actually liked me. They were like, “Oh my God, we’re so impressed with you.” They were gonna give me my own little office. Bullshit.

That’s crazy they would even care if you were handling business.

It’s like, I can’t like, have a side job? And the funny thing is, I didn’t even mention modeling or anything to anyone. That’s what I get for wearing glasses in the office (Laughs).

If someone saw you in the office then saw your pictures, would they have trouble recognizing you?

I mean, I look like my pictures. Like, I was in the gym the other night looking crazy as shit— no make-up, no eyelashes, hair was in a bun— and someone was like, “Oh, you’re Stephanie Tejada, right? I follow you on Instagram, I love your pictures.” (Laughs).

So you’ve got fans now. How does that feel?

I don’t like to say fans, I feel bourgeois when I say fans. I say supporters (laughs).

[Editor’s note – Our interview was interrupted for by police sirens from Stephanie’s end of the phone.]

Uh, Stephanie— are you OK? What just happened?

I was at the stop light, surrounded by (sirens), and I’m like, “Oh my God, what’s going on?” And I’m at a red light, so I freaked out.

On my end, it sounded like you were in a high speed chase with the cops for a second.

That’s what it sounded like! And I’m like on the phone with you and I’m like, “Oh shit, am I getting pulled over for being on the phone?”

What actually happened?

I guess he was chasing someone. And I guess maybe I was in the way. I have no idea. But all of a sudden I see bright lights behind me and sirens and I’m like, “Oh my God.” The light was red and I was like in the middle of the lane so it was like, “Where the heck am I supposed to go? Is he gonna arrest me for running this red light so that he can pass?” (Laughs)

Damn, well you played it cool.

I did, I did. I was really nervous though, I’m not gonna lie.

I was going to ask you about the part of your bio where it said you were flexible. Did you mean like Rosa Acosta flexible, or were you talking about your schedule?

I think what I meant by flexible is my scheduling and my availability… But I am flexible. My friend Evelyn, we were dancing and we’re drunk in the VIP by ourselves. And she’s like, “You know what I can do? I can put my legs behind my head.” I was like, “I can do both of them at the same time.” She was like, “Oh my God, that’s a talent!” (Laughs)

You showed her right there?

Hell yeah, I showed her. She’s here right now, tell ‘em.

[Stephanie hands the phone to Evelyn]

Evelyn: Yeah, this is true (laughs).

You guys spend a lot of time getting drunk in the VIP?

It’s just one of the perks of go-go dancing to get like comp drinks, some places we get drink cards, sometimes we’ll share bottles with the promoter. So, there’s always liquor involved. And you don’t wanna be bored at work, so if you have a couple shots before you dance, it makes it more fun for everybody.

Do you still go to clubs in your spare time?

I honestly used to be the biggest club head. And then when I moved out here and started dancing, it’s like, I’m in the club all the time. So, if I’m not working there, I don’t wanna be there. I’d rather be bowling (laughs)… I’m actually a really big dork, and I really, really, like video games. Marvel vs. Capcom (for) Xbox 360 is my shit!

If there was bread up and you had to pick one fighter, who are you best with?

(Sighs) I’m just nasty with all of them. There’s not one I could say— I mean, I really am really good with Wolverine. But yeah, I’m nasty. (laughs)

You play with your girlfriends or online or what?

I play online. You know, sometimes I play with my guy cousins or whatever. I really don’t have girlfriends that play video games. I have one friend and she likes Dance Dance Revolution for Wii or whatever it’s called. That’s not a video game (laughs).

You’re talking a big game, the gamers are going to want to test you out. What’s your Xbox 360 handle?


There you have it, gameboys. Who want it?

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