[Editor's Note: In the May 2012 issue, Kyra Chaos told XXL about the Drake video that made her an Internet celebrity, changed her life, how she's not as shy as she seems and reminds that despite her amazing moves she's never been a stripper. Straight from the cutting room floor, here's the juicy outtakes that didn't make the magazine.]





XXL: How did you get started in the modeling business?

Kyra Chaos: My best friend, who’s also a model, Amazin’ Amie—we’re from the same area in VA. She had already gotten in the game. She seen something in me and she put me in there. And not to mention, I’m kinda cute [laughs].

What folks don’t know about you is you were a business owner in VA.

Right, in Virginia I owned a hair salon for three years. Masusu Kinks, shout out to my business partner who still runs it… I’m still affiliated with it but I had to get out of VA to broaden my horizons. VA is very small, and I kinda conquered that town at a young age and I needed a challenge. New York is the challenge and I love it, I’m glad I did it.

Is the challenge to open a hair salon up here?

Eventually, I’m going to open up another hair salon, yes.

When did you move up here?

I moved here September 11th. Yeah, the irony.

How many more gigs have you been getting since you moved?

New York is popping for me, they love me here.

How did Drake come about?

Me and Drake has mutual friends, we met a little while ago and recently he said to me he had this idea for the video. Boom-pow, we got it together and that’s what happened. I got this idea for my tour, cause the video is promo for the tour, I think you’d be perfect for the role. I was down. Didn’t have an idea it would be this big though. We shot it in a few minutes, in only two takes, in LA.

So, you know Aubrey’s track record with being allegedly linked to video girls, especially the ones in his videos. So…

Right, Drake is my great friend.

A simple yes and no would work.

No, that’s my friend

You do understand how folks will assume this, right?

I really don’t care. People are going to think what they want to think, you know? That’s my friend and if we hang out and they see us hanging out, it is what it is.

Do you care that people think you dance for a living? Those moves you displayed put seasoned strippers to shame.

Let me set the record straight. Kyra Chaos has never been a stripper or a dancer. Yeah but if you know me, anybody who knows me in my area, know Kyra owns a hair salon.

Practice in the mirror a lot?

No, I’m serious, I never practiced dancing in front of a mirror

You’re a liar.

I mean, yeah you do that in the room when you’re ready to go out.

How has the response been since the video dropped?

I had 2,500 on Friday. I have 30,000 today. So 2,500 to 30,000 in the matter of four days.

Noticed in the streets?

Well, I kinda haven’t been out too much.

Why? Are you a shy girl?

I’m not shy but I am shy…but I’m not shy.

What does that mean?

I don’t know. Once you’re around me for a while, you’ll know I’m not shy. See, I have to get to know you.

Is it’s safe to say you’re single?

It’s safe to say.

So what do you look for in a dude?

I like strong confident men, somebody who knows himself, somebody who isn’t afraid to be with me or the attention I get. I’ve dealt with that in the past. I’ve had ex’s tell me they want regular girls because I guess they don’t want to deal with the industry. I need somebody that can handle that… Somebody that has it together. I really don’t have a type. You gotta intrigue me, whoever you are. And it’s hard to grab my attention.

Is it more so the industry or your body?

That, too, but what am I supposed to do, I was born like this. What can I do? Either you accept it or you don’t.

Anything else?

Somebody that has it together. I really don’t have a type. You gotta intrigue me, whoever you are. And it’s hard to grab my attention.

Why is that?

Because I don’t really go for the physical. You know how people say when you meet somebody you’ll know in the first 20 seconds if you’re gonna sleep with them? Not me, I have to hear you talk. You could be sexy as fuck, but if you talk stupid I won’t be attracted to you. It’s all about the mental. You have to get me mentally to get me all the way.

What’s with the origin of your name?

Amie named me. She said every time I go somewhere niggas act stupid—they act crazy.

Do you believe that?

I know that.

We're believers. — Sean Malcolm (@Sean_Malcolm)