Eye Candy Showdown: Old School vs. New School

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    Eye Candy Showdown: Old School vs. New School
    Things done changed in the Eye Candy game. Last decade was the golden era of video vixens and whenever old pics of Vida Guerra or Melyssa Ford surface around the <em>XXL</em> office staffers get a little nostalgic. But thanks to the power of the Internet and all of the beautiful women who've become cyber stars, it looks like the game is entering a new golden era of Eye Candy—one that's more web-based. The net’s current talent pool is deep, but we dove right in to find the “new” versions of some of your favorite vixens of all time. We matched the new ladies up with classics we found deep in the Eye Candy vault to compare and contrast the past and the future. Old school, new school, all that matters is what’s on your report card... hopefully some straight D’s.—<em>XXL Staff</em> (<a href="https://twitter.com/#!/XXLStaff">@XXLStaff</a>)
  • Angel Lola Luv
    Rosee and Angel Lola Luv
    Possessing some of the craziest dimensions in the game (34-20-40), Angel paved the way for Rosee’s absurd curves.
  • Laura Dore
    Laura Dore and Vida Guerra
    These tight-bodied beauties share both exotic looks and an undeniable sex appeal that comes across every time they step in front of the camera.
  • Kyra Chaos
    Bria Myles and Kyra Chaos
    Their asses are remarkable enough, but add a gorgeous face and you’ve got two of the finest girls in any school, new or old.
  • sheenka
    Melyssa Ford and Sheneeka Adams
    Her looks definitely helped, but Melyssa Ford’s hustle and intelligence made her one of the most successful Eye Candies of all time. Former <em>XXL</em> Eye Candy sex columnist Sheneeka Adams could have a similar future if she stays on her grind.
  • Tehmeena Afzal
    Gloria Velez and Tehmeena Afzal
    This Pakistani beauty's exotic look is reminiscent of legendary Latina vixen Gloria Velez.
  • Ki-Toy
    Ki-Toy and Tisha Marie
    These country girls both pack a lot of punch into their tiny frames.
  • Bernice Burgos
    Lashontae Heckard and Bernice Burgos
    While their names couldn’t be more opposite, both of these vixens exude a sporty sexiness that’s more girl next door than vixen.
  • Alisha Jenay
    Esther Baxter and Alisha Jenay
    With bubbly personalities to match their bubble butts, these two are so stacked it’s sometimes hard to focus on their pretty faces.

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