Win A Date With Drake’s “Practice” Video Vixen, Kyra Chaos [Video]

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Win a date? No thank you.

    I could skeet off my penthouse balcony and hit 5 honies flyer than this Video Ho. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about washing my dick in Drake’s man juice–I’m really not that big of a fan…

    Again, thanks but no thanks…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • @MsHennyWhite



  • Oh Really?

    Soooooooo if you got it like that then why u posting comments? You should be knee deep in something right now. Cyber Pimp.

  • We Get It “Oh Really?”

    You have washed your dick directly from Drake’s man juices.

  • Mr. RIGHT

    Girl you are beautiful. I would love to win a date with you… I could knock you off your feet.

  • francis nasim

    69 time? call me when shem reddy.wassup-

  • Hussle’s Way

    LOL she aint all that lets keep it 100. Her ass is ON DECK aint gon front….but people have her GASSED the FUCK UP

  • Things you will never have

    You will never have this girl..repeat YOU will never have this girl

    • foogayzee

      you will never have anything with that kind of attitude

  • Dead President

    yo. come on, who really gives a fuck about this girl.? she def aint all that. at ALL !!

  • KING

    c mon drake pick them better

  • Gotta Gal

    … Man, she only looks good when the slow motions shots are on her.

    I…. think Ill just kick it with my monkey.

  • bitchin

    a date with her? i’ll pass

  • yikes

    Dude looks like a layday

  • http://xxl timmy grimm

    I would like to but the brother is doing mad right now,but i love you just the way you are. so love peace &soul