Earlier this year, viewers religiously tuned in to MTV's Real World: Back to Las Vegas to see all the juicy relationships in Sin City every week. Among the cast was Naomi Defensor, an outspoken cutie from the Bronx, NY. XXLMag.com interviewed Naomi, asking her the sexiest questions one could conjure, before having her fill in the blanks.

XXLMag.com: Outside of The Real World, have you filmed yourself having sex?

Naomi Defensor: I have never filmed myself having sex outside of the Real World.

What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex in the real world?

The craziest place I ever had sex was probably in a baseball dugout, but aside from that the other places were standard like a bathroom and car. But a baseball dugout is definitely the most random place I ever had sex in. The craziest place I ever wanted to have sex would be a rooftop. Hopefully, I could make that happen some day.

What’s a place you’ll never have sex in?

Maybe the dirty elevators in the Bronx. I’ve heard of people having sex in the elevators in the Bronx and I’m like, "How do you even get your penis up? It’s so dirty.’ I would never have sex there.

Sex on the first date?

Absolutely, why not? I don’t feel like there should be a time limit if the chemistry is there and you guys are physically attracted, why not? Is he going to wife you up? Probably not, but hey…

Giving or receiving?

I think it should be mutual. The biggest thing with guys, especially Black guys because I’ve dated a ton, is they like getting it, but don’t like giving it. There should be reciprocation.

To date me a guy must be able to put up with all my bullshit because God knows I’m a difficult girl.

I can’t deal with guys that want to mark in their calendar when they want to have sex. If it’s going to happen it’s going to happen because the sparks are there, but not because you’re planning it.

A perfect date for me is definitely a good restaurant here in New York City, dinner, drinks and taking me shopping. The fantasy perfect date would be a five-star restaurant, champagne and black card experience, throw it in the bag.

A dream date I’d go on is with since I was younger I’ve always had a crush on Will Smith because he’s smart, funny of course. I also have a big crush on Kemba Walker, the basketball player.

My favorite rapper is Jay-Z. he’s not the most good looking guy, but he has swag to him.