Kara Allison hustles hard. XXL's Eye Candy of The Year has been in over 25 videos during the past three years...and has looked stunning in all of them. XXL took the Miami honey dip with the 32DD-24-39 body to a boxing gym for her Eye Candy of The Year shoot in the December/January issue. Here, XXL presents outtakes from the interview, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from this 21-year-old beauty. Now, watch for the hook. Too late, she already knocked us out!

XXLMag.com: It's only fitting that we have a boxing theme for this shoot. The Eye Candy of the Year competition was a slugfest to say the least. And you turned out the victor. Thoughts?

Kara Allison: I'm very excited to be the Eye Candy of The Year. It’s a big deal and I wanted it. It was a very tough competition. All of the ladies are beautiful so I’m flattered I won against such tough competition. It’s also very humbling to see how much people support you it was an eye opener for me.

You're relatively a new face on the scene. What are your thoughts on being that in a game filled with the same old faces, some of those faces being in the Eye Candy competition.

People will always get tired of seeing the same face that's just how its goes. That's why it’s always important in this industry to be very selective as well. Even though I’m a new face I have definitely put in the work. I may have been only modeling for three years, but I've hosted a number of parties, and have been in over 25 music videos.

As Eye Candy of the Year, what do you accomplish? You know you have to do that title proud.

I am very excited about what I will accomplish with this title. I plan to keep doing what I'm doing but to the next level. I wanna host more parties, do more videos and get my name out there and start my brand. I would also love to do a lot more charity work with my agency Ethnicity models. I have seen what this title has done for previous eye candies and I hope to have similar success and not just be the new face on the scene anymore [laughs].

Along with being Eye Candy of the Year, what does the future hold for you?

My future holds a lot this is only the start for me. I plan on building my brand and making sure everyone knows about Kara Allison. The possibilities are endless for young women in this industry nowadays. You can achieve so much more now, and I hope to take advantage of this and achieve as much as I possibly can.