The Hottest 30 Curvy Serena Williams Photos

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    There's good news and bad news. The bad news: Serena Williams was left out of the recent draw for the China Open. The good news: <i>XXL</i> made a gallery of the 30 Hottest Serena Williams Pictures in honor of the newly-turned 30-year-old. Therefore, tennis fans and Eye Candy fans alike can still check out her curves. Ace!
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  • (FILES) US Serena Williams returns a bal
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  • Serena-Williams-Miami-Bikini-Candids-02
  • Serena Williams Has Killer Curves
  • Serena Williams Has Killer Curves
  • Serena-Williams-Breast-01
  • serena-williams-bikini-body-06
  • Serena Williams at the beach in Miami
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  • Serena Williams (5)
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  • Da Critic

    I wanna Fuck her so bad!
    Her ass and Tits are the BEST!!!
    Strong Black Woman

    • wat

      i agree with you she wants it bad, best bikini body what an ass wouldnt mind a bit of that on top of me

      • Hector

        not impressed.. being latin I dated hotter black women than this

  • Hannya

    Fuck nah!! Looks like a damned man!!

  • Ryde or DIe

    Pic no. 11 is just scary

    • bonethugs

      it aint dat bad, i’d still hit that xD

  • Ninja Boi

    Damnnn @Ryde or DIe u aint lie bro that iz sum scary shit right there lol

  • tellemass

    listening to big sean song and lookin at this is appropriate

  • muss

    super black woman!!!


    pic # 6 and 11 TOO MANY MUSCLES!!!!!!!!!!! pic #29, CALL ME!!! BEAT IT UP TO YOU HOLLA “THAT’S ENOUGH”

  • L.Q.

    @Da Critic Dude…you lookin extra thirsty right now. Chill out.

  • thisisbullsh!t


  • Black Ray

    She looks amazing, what a sexy women, forgot you haters.

  • Israel

    She has always been my favourite! So amazing! I never thought she could make a sexy model! Lol! Impressed!

  • Mr Chicks

    Oh Lord…………..!!!! Yummy……………..

  • thatguy!!

    no. 13 should have been a video. i would watch it on rewind, over and over again

  • Lelo

    My God! This woman is a work of art….