Sultry Simone: “A Secret Itch I’d Like to Scratch is to Have Sex on a Plane”

My favorite movie of all time is The Notebook and The Five Heartbeats.

My favorite television show is CSI Miami.

A secret itch I’d like to scratch is to have sex on a plane. Haven’t done that yet. It would just give me a rush. It’s an adrenaline thing.

I’m sexy because I’m blessed, I have great genetics and I’m grounded. I’m down to earth.

Sometimes I get compared to Janet Jackson. I’ve gotten Lisa Raye.

My dream date would be with probably Barack Obama. He’s the man.

A man’s physique, if the cut lines are right turns me on.

My favorite body part are my eyes, lips and feet. I have pretty feet.

I would never say never in the bedroom.

The key to great sex is passion and that serious connection, great foreplay.

Sex with me is very fulfilling, exuberant and passionate.

In 10 years, I’ll be married with family, maybe have another business other than the earring line.

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  • Da Critic

    GOD BLESS Simone!
    With your package there’s no way you should be single unless you’re surrounded by homosexuals or have some kind of personality flaw.
    Anyway you belong in videos as the leading lady as well as on my arm GORGEOUS.

  • NinoDogg

    Damn… This bitch can be one of top bitches. Yea bitch you can work for me. I’ll pimp you and let you get a grip for me.


    OMFG! absolutely gorgeous! damn where have yall been hiding her.

  • kidnothing1


  • Dead President

    very nice, aint nottin like a womans sexy curves. a xxl fo sho.

  • YOM


  • Aye, B I C U

    This chicc is stupid hot nicki make way!!!!