Sultry Simone: “A Secret Itch I’d Like to Scratch is to Have Sex on a Plane”

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It’s funny how Sultry Simone got her nickname. “My mom and I are like best friends,” says the curvaceous model, who is a preschool teacher by day and also about to launch her own earring line, Statement By Sultry Simone. “She came to one of my test shoots and said, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know how sultry you were.” The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native with the 34-25-42 measurements talks about her being photographed through the years, her various turn-ons and how she’s itching to join the mile-high club. All aboard!

XXL: What’s your favorite part of being shot and photographed?

Sultry Simone: I think the hair and makeup [Laughs]. The wardrobe is cool too, but I’m so hyped to get in that hair and makeup chair.

What was one of your favorite places that you got to shoot?

Probably Negril. I loved being out on the water, the sand is the best and I was there for 10 days. We were partying and having so much fun. It was great. The location where we shot was wonderful and playing around on the sandy beaches and dutty winding.

On behalf of all the fellas, are you single right now?

Yes, I am single right now, but I always tell people this: I do accept resumes. But yes, I am single. I do so much through the day, but just like anybody else you want that companionship, you want that love, romance and all that stuff. When the time is right, it will happen.

What are some qualities that need to be on that resume?

My No. 1 is hygiene – the trim, the shave, the teeth. I’m a teeth person. When they’re put together. Their nails. I’m not saying the man needs to be some type of metrosexual or whatever, but keep yourself together. I’m a hygiene freak and respect. Keep it real with me. There’s no reason to lie to me.

If you find a dude with all those qualities, describe an ideal first date.

Something imaginative, not the typical. Not just go to dinner and the club type of thing. I need something to spark some serious energy.

What would a guy need to do to land a second date?

Make me laugh, have a good sense of humor and just be themselves. Be who you are, keep my attention, give me good eye contact, the conversation needs to be stimulating. Just be interesting and spontaneous.


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  • Da Critic

    GOD BLESS Simone!
    With your package there’s no way you should be single unless you’re surrounded by homosexuals or have some kind of personality flaw.
    Anyway you belong in videos as the leading lady as well as on my arm GORGEOUS.

  • NinoDogg

    Damn… This bitch can be one of top bitches. Yea bitch you can work for me. I’ll pimp you and let you get a grip for me.


    OMFG! absolutely gorgeous! damn where have yall been hiding her.

  • kidnothing1


  • Dead President

    very nice, aint nottin like a womans sexy curves. a xxl fo sho.

  • YOM


  • Aye, B I C U

    This chicc is stupid hot nicki make way!!!!