Sex Talk With Sheneka Adams

The sultry Sheneka Adams, King’s 2011 Web Girl Of The Year, will be giving sex advice to XXL readers every Friday for the next several weeks. To have Sheneka answer one of your questions, e-mail: Until then, XXL is proud to present its inaugural installment of Sex Talk With Sheneka Adams.


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  • jeff beamon

    so while she’s at work sucking some other nigga’s dick, i should text sheneka that she’s pretty?

    • Mike

      LOL. i saw this hoe on the local news (off her FB page) getting her new iPhone. Damn!! Leave the make up on girl. she was scary looking.

  • Mishaan Judah

    Fellas. It all depends on the connection you create with you woman. She will do anything you want then.

  • Latrice

    To spice up sex in your relationship. Trying new things that you have not done before. Sometimes you have to try new things in the bedroom. Maybe one of you has a fetish to try. There many sexual fetish out there. There the shoe fetishes where men like females to wear their high heels while they fuck. There the piss on me fetish where a man will pee on the females. There the bondage fetish where somebody being tied up. There the Female domination fetish where the woman is in control. Maybe try role playing. Hell bring some toys in the bed. To spice up sex you have to try different and new things