Sex Talk With Sheneka Adams

Bangin’ beauty Sheneka Adams answers XXL readers’ questions with the second installment of her Sex Talk With Sheneka Adams column.

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  • Asline Innocent

    I am feeling this, I will definitely, put it on my website

  • marioG

    hey sheneka adams i know you might read this and i just wanted to say i liked it, because you do seem above average personality wise ( most girls just think they are)..your super sweet and theres nothing more sexier/romantic than a women as beautiful as yourself who is also sweet-hearted in nature..thanks for the advice…xoxo… truly one of a kind

  • http://gjom roji


  • hemat iran.بهم ایمیل بفرستید…..منتظر میمونم

  • C-yourself

    Smooth sex is verx cool.
    But who want a girl, you never can fuck hard and wild.
    C somethimes women need to think about waht there mans like to. It can´t just be a one sited relationship.
    Why girls always thinks about waht a man got to do 4 her?
    There are a lot of girls where I think there are hot. But i don´t get together with them , you now i trie to do my part, but i don´t c they realy want to get me. Its most times, show me waht you do.
    So i start stoppin trying to get with them real quick. I get mad inside my self and in my mind it´s like: Do you think you are better then me?
    i truly wouldn´t realy like to stay with a girl who got to fight with herself to make some nasty things in bed.

  • TSRS

    MarioG u can suck my “d”, that was the gayest sh*t ever, you should nvr be on the XXL website again cause ur to much of a p*ssy, u aint neva gonna get in her pants

  • Dumb bitch

    stupit as fuck , thats why rhianna got hit , talkin that dumb irrelevant shit like this . good job chris